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Accepted mechanic.png This article covers an accepted game mechanic.

Accepted game mechanics have been reviewed by key developers of the mechanics department and have been accepted as ready for implementation. Once these accepted mechanics have found their way into the game, they become implemented game mechanics.

This character generation proposal is now considered drafted. many details need to be filled in, but it's ready to be discussed on forums & IRC.

In general, you spend "points" (not defined how many or costs yet) to build your character. Not quite there yet, but I mention it at the top because it comes up below. You can "buy" good things for your character, and "sell" things to get points (to buy more things).

Character Description

Default: "None". Can be edited/entered by player.
Age of the character. Default: 20. Character creation range: 16-40
Default: Male. Can be Male or Female. Females have a Strength capped at 80 but have the free trait of "Flexible", which may be bought off.
Character image, selected from a small set of male and female portraits.
Selectable character background. Consists of description (for the selection menu), text and effects on stats (for example a beggar would have a +2 on pickpocketing) as well as on starting gear. See PC origins for content. Default: "Unknown"
Starting gear, which depends on the Origin (see above).


Stats are the physical and mental properties of a person (character) or animal (or in some cases, non living objects). They are distinct from most abilities that are learned or trained (skills). They can change during the game, but usually not by much. They are often used to determine "base" or "default" values for skills or other task / challenge / resistance rolls. Primary Stats are on a 0-100 scale, with 50 being average male human, 27 years of age.

There are eight different stats available.

Primary Stats

Primary stats have a few different functions. They will provide default values for skills that they apply to, they are combined into secondary stats, and they can be directly "tested" in game (i.e, "Make a strength test to move the boulder")

Physical Stats

The division here is mostly artificial, but hey, who doesn't like symmetry and even numbers like 8?

Strength (ST)

You know, muscle. Boom! Boom! Fiah Powah. Note that physical size and fitness play a role in many "strength" related tasks; in particular, ST is "short term power", for any long term activity Fitness will have to be taken into account.

Fitness (FT)

Fitness is usually called Constitution, Health, or Endurance. I made a distinction here because I wanted to emphasis the difference between "strong" (high ST) and "athletic" (high FT). Fitness, along with Willpower determines your resistance to various physical challenges. Raw size also plays a role in how much "damage" you can absorb.

Coordination (CO)

(Alternate: Dexterity to prevent clash with Charisma) Coordination is the primary stat for physical skills, it represents "slow and deliberate" actions and as such is analogous to FT as RF is to strength.

Reflexes (RX)

Reflexes determine a characters "fast" reaction speed, it affects physical skills and tasks where speed is of the essence.

Mental/Personality Stats

Perception (PE)

Perception, of course, has a physical as well as mental component. The stat here represents not just observing your surroundings, but making correct conclusions base on them. It might also be termed "instinctual intelligence", as compared to Reason.

Reason (RN)

(Alternate: Logic to prevent clash with Reflexes) Reason is the higher order brain stat. It is the primary governing stat of "book learning" skills; such that you might learn at school. It also helps in puzzle solving and designing or utilizing novel tools or gadgets.

Charisma (CH)

Charisma is the how you win friends and influence people. It is the primary determinant for raw reaction rolls and most social and leadership skills. It is not how good looking you are (there are traits for that), but can substitute in some instances.

Willpower (WL)

Willpower is in someways the mental analogy of Fitness. It plays a strong role in survival of some types of hazards as well as determining, in part, the characters' learning rate. A high WL low FT character is going to get himself in a lot of trouble, because he will push his body to the breaking point and past it.

Secondary Stats

Secondary stats are combination of Primary stats which influence specific tests in the game. The primary stats influencing them are listed, sometimes with fractions (can be negative) to mark importantance. Those secondary stats marked with a * can be boosted individually by buying them as a trait.

Implement for Sprint

  • Lifting and Carrying capacity (0.7 ST, 0.3 FT)
  • Melee Damage (0.7 ST, 0.3 CO) + weight(mass) factor
  • Sprint Speed (0.7 FT, 0.3 ST)
  • Long distance run speed (FT)
  • Aim (0.7 CO + 0.3 PE)
  • First action phase - "Initiative" (0.7 RX, 0.3 PE)
  • Learning Rate, Mental (0.5 RN, 0.25 WL, 0.25 PE)
  • Learning Rate, Physical (0.4 PE, 0.2 CO, 0.2 WL, 0.2 RN)
  • Wound healing rate/Pain Tolerance (0.7 FT, 0.3 WL) - basic "Damage" rating
  • Mental Stress resistance/Stress recovery rate (WL) - basic "Stress" rating
  • Endurance/Fatigue recovery (0.7 FT, 0.3 WL) - basic "Fatigue" rating

Consider for future implementation

  • *Visual Acuity (PE)
  • *Hearing Acuity (PE)
  • *Smell Acuity (PE)
  • *Resistance to infection (FT, 0.25 RN)
  • *Resistance to toxins (FT, 0.25 RN)
  • *Resistance to radiation (FT)
  • *Resistance to hunger (FT, WL)
  • *Resistance to thirst (FT, WL)
  • *Resistance to heat (WL, 1/2 FT, -Mass)
  • *Resistance to cold (WL, Mass)
  • *Resistance to psychic damage/mental illness (WL, 1/2 RN, -PE)
  • *Menschenkenntnis (Resistance to bluffing - WL, RN, PE)
  • *Resistance to drug addiction (WL)
  • Sense of direction (PE, 1/2RN)
  • Sense of time (PE, 1/2 RN)
  • Jumping height (ST, -Mass)
  • Jumping distance (ST, -Mass)

Trait modifiers

Traits are properties of a character that modify stats (both primary and secondary) and skills. They are generally "born in" but can in some cases be gained or lost in game.

Physical Traits

This is your overall body type, there are 4 Modifiers. Lack of a modifier indicates average. A Tall or Stocky character might not fit certain items of clothing (10%).

Wiry / Stocky

You are either Wiry or Stocky (or neither). Wiry folks have a bonus Coordination, the the free trait of Flexible, , and penalty to Strength (+10/-10?). Stocky is the reverse (and cannot be flexible). Total mass is also also effected. Perhaps also modifies to heat/cold resistance.

Tall / Short

You are either Tall or Short (or neither). This obviously influence your overall height (+/- 20cm or so), and weight as well. A taller (Tall > Avg or Avg > Short) has a small advantage in melee combat due to increased reach.

Beatiful / Ugly

Beautiful costs posts, Ugly gets you points. Influences social reactions and skills with people; increased for opposite sex.


Char. can fit into small spaces and generally better at dodging and acrobatic type skills (including climbing)


No off-hand penalties. (Possible overall penalties for not developing a specific hand?)

Skill Talents

These talents provide a bonus to learn and obtain certain classes of skills. Not all skills have associated talents, and instead rely on basic stats (generally Combat and social skills)

  • Scientific aptitude (including mathematics?)
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Language aptitude
  • Aesthetic (Artistic) aptitude
  • Natural aptitude (affinity for plants, animals, the environment)
  • Communication aptitude
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