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Mediawiki.png This article is a Wiki how-to!

Wiki how-tos serve as documentation how the project wiki is utilized by the developers in general or how it's used by a specific development department.

This article visualizes the hierarchy of the used wiki categories.


Common categories

Common categories apply to all departments:

  • Current tasks
  • Idea dump
  • Glossary
  • How to contribute
  • How to use SVN
  • How to use Trac


  • Music
  • Sound effects


Game mechanics

  • Work in progress game mechanic
  • Submitted game mechanic
  • Accepted game mechanic
  • Implemented game mechanic
  • Deprecated game mechanic

Game mechanic models

  • Game mechanic model

Story mechanics

  • Work in progress story mechanic
  • Submitted story mechanic
  • Established story mechanic
  • Deprecated story mechanic

UI mechanics

  • Work in progress UI mechanic
  • Submitted UI mechanic
  • Accepted UI mechanic
  • Implemented UI mechanic
  • Deprecated UI mechanic


Code proposals

  • Active code proposal
  • Implemented code proposal
  • Inactive code proposal

Project management

  • Infrastructure
  • Public relations
  • Recruitment
  • Wiki guideline


  • Active developer
  • Retired developer


Setting elements

  • Work in progress setting
  • Submitted setting
  • Established setting
  • Deprecated setting


  • Work in progress storyline
  • Submitted storyline
  • Established storyline
  • Deprecated storyline


  • Work in progress theme
  • Submitted theme
  • Established theme
  • Deprecated theme


  • Work in progress quest
  • Submitted quest
  • Accepted quest
  • Implemented quest
  • Deprecated quest


  • Work in progress faction
  • Submitted faction
  • Accepted faction
  • Implemented faction
  • Deprecated faction


  • Work in progress location
  • Submitted faction
  • Accepted faction
  • Implemented faction
  • Deprecated faction


  • Work in progress NPC
  • Submitted NPC
  • Accepted NPC
  • Implemented NPC
  • Deprecated NPC


Generic workflows

  • Work in progress generic workflow
  • Submitted generic workflow
  • Established generic workflow
  • Deprecated generic workflow

Department-specific workflows

Audio workflows

  • Work in progress audio workflow
  • Submitted audio workflow
  • Established audio workflow
  • Deprecated audio workflow

Graphics workflows

  • Work in progress graphics workflow
  • Submitted graphics workflow
  • Established graphics workflow
  • Deprecated graphics workflow

Mechanics workflows

  • Work in progress mechanics workflow
  • Submitted mechanics workflow
  • Established mechanics workflow
  • Deprecated mechanics workflow

Programming workflows

  • Work in progress programming workflow
  • Submitted programming workflow
  • Established programming workflow
  • Deprecated programming workflow

Project management workflows

  • Work in progress project management workflow
  • Submitted project management workflow
  • Established project management workflow
  • Deprecated project management workflow

Writing workflow

  • Work in progress writing workflow
  • Submitted writing workflow
  • Established writing workflow
  • Deprecated writing workflow

User interface (?)

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