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Established workflow.png This article covers an established workflow.

Established workflows have been discussed among and agreed upon by the development department(s). They should serve as documentation how these workflows are successfully utilized in the project.

The following article acts as a collection of information that is related to the team that developes PARPG.

Time budget

The amount of time an active developer should realistically be able to invest per week. For now we assume that an active developer can invest at least five hours per week into the project.

Team philosophy

The way developers are inteacting with each other. A general proposal for developer interaction is outlined at the Communication article. More remarks can be found at the Project philosophy article.

Notes about the current status of the team

For now it's a rather small team. We're now actively looking for reinforcements as setting and game mechanics have been further fleshed out. Inactive developers have been moved to a separate category to avoid confusion who's still actively working on PARPG.


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