Bertha Mudak

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WIP NPC.png This article covers a work in progress NPC.

Work in progress non-player characters get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted NPCs.


Character information

  • Name: Bertha Mudak
  • Age: 32
  • Religion: Christian
  • Languages: Common
  • Mental: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Intelligence: Average
    • Perception: Average
  • Social: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Charisma: Above Average
    • Manipulation: Average
  • Physical: Below Average
  • Combatant: Only when Provoked

Physical Appearance

  • General height, weight, and apparent age: 153 cm, 43 kg
  • Unique features: Russian female, not many of those left.
  • Usual attire: Scavanged clothes, slight wintergear.
  • Choice of weapons: She carries an old russian kalashnikov with her and has plenty of ammo for it.

Background information


  • What is the NPC's history?

Born and raised in Russia, somewhere on the countryside. Had an normal childhood before the war, by an miracle she staid alive throught it and joined an high christian cult type of gang after the war, surviving by its support and "warmth". Her family consisted of low ranked army officers and war fanatics.

Ties to other NPCs or Political groups

  • Does this NPC have ties to other NPCs or Political groups? She lives with an christian cult party that scavanges lands

"for the gods name".

Relationship to the PC

  • Does this NPC have ties to the PC? If not, how would the PC meet them? PC doesnt have connections to her, until you enercounter her in a town or at their hideout.
  • How can the relationship evolve? You can do various tasks to the high christian cult party and become a standard member.
  • What are the differences for a male / female PC? No major differences.

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this NPC?

Murdering, stealing, blackmailing quests related to the sick cult she is on.

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