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Wip quest.png This article covers a work in progress quest.

Work in progress quests get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted quests.

This is a quest for the PARPG tech demo. It takes place in the fortified mall compound and is coupled with the FEDEx quest.

For a full and up-to-date listing of what is required please have a look at Techdemo_Asset_ToDo (and update it if you found something not listed there yet).



Yoni is the town drunkard. He is an alcoholic and a lay about and cannot afford to drink at the Inn. Kimmo has secretly recruited him to kill Pete (this has already happened in the techdemo) in exchange for some pre-war booze.

When the PC comes to down, Yoni will try to get him to brew up some beer-like stuff to break Jacob (innkeeper's) monopoly.

The better the beer, the happier everyone is (see ingredient list below)

How to make beer

  • Equipment (mandatory)
    • Book - the PC starts with "pamphlet" entitled "How to make beer". Detailed description explains the "recipe".
    • Pot
      Simple Pot
    • Stove (or heating device)
    • Bottles and Caps
  • Ingredients (mix and match)
    • Yeast (medium hard to find) - optional
  • One of:
    • Grain (hard to find)
    • Wild Potatoes (easy to find)
    • Rotten Yams (easy to find)
  • One of:
    • Water, questionable (easy to find)
    • Water, pure (hard to find)

You can make the beer without yeast (using "wild yeast" or lambic) but it will be worse and take longer. Grain is better than Potatoes is better than Rotten Yams. Questionable water > pure water. If you make "beer" out of rotten yams and bad water - you make everyone very sick. However, questionable water + potatoes or grain is better for you than the water in the first place (alchohol kills bacteria)

The reason the water is questionable is because the delivery target (Fedex quest) has been killed and his body is decomposing in the cistern. If you remove the body from the cistern, the water is clean.

Beer quality

Here is a possible list of how the quality of the beer can be determined.

  • Rotten Yam + Questionable Water = -1
  • Rotten Yam + Yeast + Questionable Water = -1
  • Rotten Yam + Water = 1
  • Rotten Yam + Yeast + Water = 2
  • Potato + Questionable Water = 2
  • Potato + Yeast + Questionable Water = 3
  • Potato + Water = 3
  • Potato + Yeast + Water = 4
  • Grain + Questionable Water = 3
  • Grain + Yeast + Questionable Water = 4
  • Grain + Water = 4
  • Grain + Yeast + Water = 5


These are all described here: The Mall#Inn

  • Inn - The innkeeper is here, as is the stove. You have to get her to let you use the stove to cook the beer.
  • Woodpile - This is where you get wood for the stove. It is effectively an infinite supply of wood (PC can only really care 1 at a time). The Crazy guy stays here. His job is stacking the wood that people bring in.
  • Farm - This is out back and very inaccessible, that's what makes it hard to get the good grain which makes the good beer.
  • Refuse pile - If you dig around here you can find some rotten yams. They make awful beer.
  • Cistern - This exists in two states - one with the body in it (bad water) and one without (clean water). Fishing the body out helps both the fedex and beer quests.
  • Storeroom - in a box you can find some potatoes.


  • Yoni, the Drunkard (male) - gives you quest, he is wandering about the map. We probably need some more dialog options for him, which also

loosely connect him to the reasons why he did what he did (in that other quest). Anyway, his image was done already, see below as thumbnail

  • Skwisgaar the Crazy Swede (male) - has the yeast, you have to talk him out of it. He is by the woodpile. One first draft of him is available - see below.
    • Background: "He supposedly took one to the head when the Swedes came over to stop the Russkies from overrunning us Finns... but I don't think he was all that stable to begin with."
  • Manslow (Farmer) (male) has the grain, at the farm.

He will reluctantly give the actor the grain. The farm is hard to find, which makes the grain hard to get. Manslow is a russian name, "Maslov" mispronounced somewhat on purpose by the Finns. Portrait below.

  • Jacob ("Innkeeper") - In the inn. Jacob has a monopoly on the booze in "town" and indirectly forces Yoni to kill Pete so he can get booze.

He won't help at all with the booze quest.

  • Helja (Quartermaster) (female) - She is in the storeroom. She will let you have the potatoes, but you have to trade her for the pot (she doesn't drink)

We still need other PCs to give "information" about where stuff can be found. These PCs also have information relevant to the Fedex quest and should be connected to the Fedex quest. Perhaps a few early hints might be added, and I think every NPC should have some kind of relationship to the other NPCs (likes him/hates him, reasons etc...)


  • Book - "How to Make Beer" - PC starts with this in his inventory. Possible description:
This is a thin kind of a cookbook titled 'How to make beer'. It has a blue cover and features 
a room filled with some barrels, probably containing beer, on its coverback. It seems to have 
been written in the year 1987 and could be useful for anyone attempting to brew beer.
  • Yams - you find these in garbage. You shouldn't eat them. Or make beer out of them.
  • Yeast - you have to talk to a crazy guy sucessfully to get this.
  • Grain - talk to the farmer, he'll give it too you if you tell him it's for beer.
  • Wild Potatoes - these are in a store room, in a box.
  • Pot - you have to trade something you start with for this. Maybe a pocket knife.
  • Stove - you have to convince the innkeeper to let you use the stove.
  • Box of instant potatoes - you cannot make beer of these, but people you talk to get confused about the two potatoes. They should be in the same locations, but the wild potatoes are easier to find.
  • Bottles and caps - something to put the finished beer in. They are in the junk pile.
  • Wood - needed to "cook" the mash, and to help the innkeeper.

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