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Wip mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress game mechanic.

Work in progress mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted game mechanics.

I really like the idea of using a different distance scale for indoors vs. out, and even other varied terrain.

Copied from forums

One of the things that bugged me about Fallout was the extreme foreshortening of outdoor spaces. A trained rifleman WITHOUT a scope can pick off a hapless victim at 100m if he has time to prepare. This corresponds to 100 hexes in fallout, or "way over into that other map". With a scope? I dunno. 500-1000m, depending. Maybe the problem is just that the cities and towns in FO were just too "compressed".

What I am thinking is that the game scale might change (1 space/hex = 1m vs. 5m or more) depending on the "openness" of the terrain. Inside "Bubba's Tavern and Flophouse" should fight differently than on a frozen lake. We could define a game map as being one of:

-Extremely close (indoors, some very compact outdoor) -Very Close (sand dunes(or "high snow banks" I guess), dense forest, rubbled city) -Close (light forest, town, ruined suburb) -Partial Cover (Scrub and bushes, "winter" forest) -Open (open fields) -Billiard Table (Frozen lake)

This would both set the distance (and possibly time) scale and give a benchmark for "cover" (i.e, things to hide behind) - benchmark could be used specifically by level designers or as a randomizer for computer generated terrain (say in wilderness encounter).

Along these linesm if some beast or man is engaging you "mano y mano" you should NOT be able to calmly reach into your giant 200 lb. backpack, pull out the sniper rifle, reload it, take a braced firing stance, aim right between the eyes, and blow him away.

Further thoughts on this

One problem I have been struggling with if we use "realistic" gun ranges and damage is that a half decent sniper will be own anymap from a decent vantage position. It occurs to me that one of my "hang ups" was rendering the physical world at the correct scale. But this is patently unrealistic! We have already agreed upon basically a 100-1000:1 population filter (for every NPC rendered in the game, there are probably 100-1000 persons not represented. So that the population of Ruined Norway might be 100,000 but would have no more than a few hundred NPCs. This "density" scaling must also be carried out at the 2D level - such that we don't have acres of empty maps for Ruined Oslo Suburbs (for example). This scaling then provides the solution (possibly) to the sniper issue - by scaling the effective range by a factor of 10 or so (50 squares instead of 500!) this becomes at least TRACTABLE.

I suppose this is the equivalent to a distorted mirror (concave?) such that "objects in viewport may be farther away than they appear". With no distortion, obviously. Another way of looking at this is the scale of the isomophic "diamond" goes from 1m=1m to 1m=10-100m.

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