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Wip mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress game mechanic.

Work in progress mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted game mechanics.

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This refers to all in-game material things that can be "owned" by a player. The things may have a game function (like a Geiger counter, shovel, or gun) or they may be "luxury items". There may be a currency in the game system - this has the advantage of allowing characters to "make change" instead of a pure barter system. Trading stuff (barter) is considered to be a primary game mechanic. There are some subtypes of stuff that are critical - Food, Medicine, Ammunition, but typically they are interchangable by barter if someone is available to barter for. Stuff can also be stolen and looted from it's owners. Stuff may be granted by NPCs upon completion of quests, challenges, or missions.


One can consider the health of the PC and NPCs as a resource - particularly considering something like generic "hit points". PC Health (and possibly Endurance) is risked in battle to defeat enemies. Health can often be bartered for with Stuff, or even time (by resting).


Game time can be an important resource for the PC. Having time be important - i.e, the main quests actions of the game must be completed in some amount of time (like Water Chip quest in FO1) allows the designers to make the player spend time - or "run it off the clock" as a cost for activities. Obvious examples: searching for food (or loot), healing, training skills. Time is usually traded for other resources or character advancement. Some quests may give the player more time to spend on further quests.


This is included for completeness. I would like to avoid handing out "Experience points" or "Character Points" as a reward for accomplishments. Given this possible issues with balancing the game, I would like the concept to be "written in" to the software in case we decide to add it later. I do not think it's possible allow significant character progression in a balanced, non-grinding way without either Experience points (of some kind) or Time as a resource.


Even if we dont use trade system with one commonly accepted currency we still need one basic unit of value measurement. That unit must have inherent value ( you can use it for something), accepted in all region, and shall be used internally to value our items. I propose that basic unit of value measurement as 1 stick of firewood. 1 block of wood can be splitted into 20 sticks of firewood 20 sticks of firewood can be traded for one hearty meal (rebalanced later if needed)(this is the basic economy value of firewood) you can used 10 sticks to make a fire big enough to recover your frozen status back to healthy/hot 1 day of tree chopping will get you a wage of 3 blocks (menial cheap work) 1 day of tree felling will get you a wage of 5 blocks (menial dangerous work)

When you go from one region to another you only carry 20-30 sticks for emergency warmth-making fires. You trade with your lighter goods.

Lighter goods in artic region: bottles of (high proof) booze, zippo (high value), high energy military/sport ration bars, fox/badger/lynx fur mittens/cowls, leather armors, packets of medicines. All of them can be used while travelling (degrade values a bit) and nothing useless.

Extreme caution against cigarrets: sentimental collector-items, but not useful in artic conditions. Traditional valuable metals may not be so: silvers and golds are bloody cold to carry, make accidental frostbite too easy unless you leave them in bags. And what use can they be in that artic region anyway?

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