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Wip mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress game mechanic.

Work in progress mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted game mechanics.

In addition to fighting, talking (dialog) and bartering (trading) there should be other ways to interact with NPCs. This is a list of all non-combat interactions the player character can perform.

Thieving and Larceny

Stealing someones stuff (other than cutting their purse or taking a wallet) is not a reasonable skill. Even in those (limited cases) a pickpocket usually has a distraction running, or at least as some REASON (crowded subway ride) to be jostling against you. (note much of this was skimmed from Shelter thread on rpgcodex: [1]

Real thieves do (one or more of) the following:

  1. Mug you (either with violence or threat of violence)
  2. Extort you (including making you pay for "protection" or blackmail)
  3. Trick or swindle you (get you to voluntarily pay for something that is worthless)
  4. Steal stuff from your house or car (burglary)

I think 1 and 4 are basically the way to go. We can use non-lethal combat for 1) - For example allowing the PC a way to konk someone out without them realizing who did it. This can have balancing issues however, as this can be a mighty power. Also includes "drugging/boozing/fucking" victim into unawareness. For example, if PC was a prostitute, they could root through NPCs stuff while they were passed out.

4 is basically what everyone does in RPGs regular RPGs. We just need to establish that "stuff lying around" usually belongs to someone and they might have ways (depending on PCs skills) of figuring what happened to your stuff. 1) You could just give PC a way to konk someone out without them realizing who did it.

We can an option to the basic "barter" interface: You could make an offer "way below fair value, and click a "swindle" button to try to get away with an unfair swap. Perhaps at very high levels, you could even trade nothing for something (but I think it might be more reasonable if the PC had to at least trade pocket fluff for it).

As for "viewing" their inventory - you could add a "fast talk" button to the interface representing a skill roll to try to get them to show you their whole inventory (or additional bits of it).

The above - when done with very high skill level - is going to work essentially the same as FO "steal" skill (something for nothing) but the representation of it makes infinitly more sense.

Stealing, especially when you have a reasonable chance of getting caught should cause you some "stress damage"


This is the reverse of stealing. You can use the barter interface to just give people stuff they need. This makes them happy and removes stress.0

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