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Wip mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress game mechanic.

Work in progress mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted game mechanics.

zenbitzWorking: this comes up once a  zenbitz week, the crouching thing
 GaspardWorking: this is how I see it (without reading too much detail above)
zenbitzWorking: first off - we are only talking about effects on missile combat.
zenbitzWorking: melee combat - it's just not relevent and in fact, I would not want to be in a deep crouch when some dude was swinging a sword at me
Gaspard: the 'only' is questionable in my humble opinion
Gaspard: but continue
zenbitzWorking: well, we'll come back to it.
zenbitzWorking: if I am engaged in a firefight (inc. crossbows, snowballs, whatever)
zenbitzWorking: I am either:
zenbitzWorking: moving to a point.
zenbitzWorking: trying to shoot back
zenbitzWorking: trying to avoid getting shot
zenbitzWorking: doing something else, but passivily avoiding getting shot if I can
zenbitzWorking: anything else?
vtchill: crouching behind an object to avoid combat?
zenbitzWorking: I guess standing there like a dummy and getting shot
zenbitzWorking: vtchill:  ah but you will still be doing one of the above in addition.
Gaspard: everything else would go under 'doing something else, but passively...'
zenbitzWorking: if you are just "cowering" that's "actively avoiding being shot"
zenbitzWorking: ok, so lets start with moving to a point.
zenbitzWorking: presumably, that point is "escaping" or "cover" or something better that being shot at in the open.
zenbitzWorking: I can either sprint
zenbitzWorking: walk
zenbitzWorking: crawl
zenbitzWorking: job
zenbitzWorking: jog (sorry)
zenbitzWorking: well include silly movie "rolls" as "fast crawing" here
zenbitzWorking: if I am sprinting (def: running full out) I cannot be "crouching"
zenbitzWorking: if I am crawing or rolling (by definition) I cannot be crouching
Gaspard: you could hobble quickly while crouching (stupid)
Gaspard: so to movement that would not add at all
zenbitzWorking: if I am walking or jogging (def: running slower than sprint )
zenbitzWorking: so there is no reason to toggle it.
zenbitzWorking: Why would you walk without crouching if you were getting shot at?
barra_library: you would be slower while crouching
zenbitzWorking: I think in my original "thoughts" I had "dodge-run" as an action.
zenbitzWorking: Well, there is a continuum of speeds between walking and sprinting sure
zenbitzWorking: but why add the complexity.  If you want to get there ASAP heedless of bullets, sprint.
zenbitzWorking: If you want to go slower, but have some dodgy defense, "crouch-run"
zenbitzWorking: "Walking" is only going to apply under certain circumstances
zenbitzWorking: - usually you are trying to do something else (chew gum) or on treacherous terrain.  The PLAYER loses nothing by "dodge-running" (as long as this max dodge-run speed is higher than walking)
zenbitzWorking: summary of part 1:  there is no need to have a "crouch" action while MOVING in combat
zenbitzWorking: ready for part 2?
Gaspard: i guess
Gaspard: yes
Gaspard: trying to shoot back ?
zenbitzWorking: part 2:  You are also trying to aim/shoot back
zenbitzWorking: either you are shooting while moving, or you are shooting while standing still
zenbitzWorking: if you are shooting while standing still - you are going to either just stand there in the open (maybe you think the enemy is blind)
zenbitzWorking: or you are going to take as much cover as you can while aiming/shooting.
Gaspard: barra_library oops you are here by mistake
zenbitzWorking: "take cover" - where cover is a real object that blocks bullets, etc.
zenbitzWorking: should probably be a separate action.
zenbitzWorking: if there is no "true" cover - you probably want to present the lowest possible profile to guys shooting at you - such that your own attack is not effected.
zenbitzWorking: this is either: drop to ground or drop to 1 knee (simplistically)
zenbitzWorking: drop to ground is probably not a good "auto" action - because presumably it takes an action to get back up.  
zenbitzWorking: Drop to 1 knee--this is about as close to a "crouch" action I think is worthy, but I am not sure it's  even worth coding in.
zenbitzWorking: either it's like a "half action" to start moving again (unlike getting back to your feed from ground) or it's "free" and there is no point of specifiying it.
zenbitzWorking: I could go either way... if we keep it, that would leave us with 3 firing stances (without cover)
zenbitzWorking: 1) Prone
zenbitzWorking: 2) Half-prone (1 knee)
zenbitzWorking: 3) Set standing
barra_library: so that's the conclusion?
zenbitzWorking: as 1->3 your defense decreases, but your ability to move again increases
zenbitzWorking: on next action.
zenbitzWorking: Well, we could drop 2) I am not sure what it really adds
zenbitzWorking: to the game
zenbitzWorking: no - shooting while running - has all the same reason to have "no crouch" as just moving does
zenbitzWorking: or rather "default crouch assumed where appropriate"
zenbitzWorking: so that's shooting back.. next is "actively avoiding getting shot"
zenbitzWorking: ready?
Gaspard: ready
zenbitzWorking: if you are avoiding getting shot - you are going to get behind the nearest (neigboring tile) cover.
zenbitzWorking: or hit the dirt (prone)
zenbitzWorking: crouching is not significantly better than just standing there like a dofus, and if it was, it'd be default behavior anyway.
zenbitzWorking: so no "crouch" action.
zenbitzWorking: last is "doing something else" 
Gaspard: I'd add to this
Gaspard: previous one
zenbitzWorking: waiting
Gaspard: there's a heavy possibility in an urban setting for example and indoors
Gaspard: that there's some medium-height detritus laying about, let it be wrecked car/desks
Gaspard: you could crouch behind that for cover
zenbitzWorking: yeah, but that action - from Player's stand point - is still "take cover"
Gaspard: it would be a quicker action to stand from that
zenbitzWorking: why make them decide to crouch??
Gaspard: than hit the dirt and then stand
zenbitzWorking: well, but that's really a function of the cover itself
zenbitzWorking: if crouching is sufficient, player would never hit dirt
zenbitzWorking: if crouching is insufficent, player always hits dirt
zenbitzWorking: no decision
Gaspard: hit dirt would add to open field combat
zenbitzWorking: (I realize this is a slight simplification of reality)
Gaspard: crouch might not be enough when there's only lower type of detritus between you and the enemy, therefore hit the dirt is called for
Gaspard: depends on how much different kind of scenery might affect the view
eleazar: the problem with laying prone is that a 1 tile character becomes a 2 tile character
zenbitzWorking: but the decision is always the same for the player
eleazar: assuming normal tile sizes
zenbitzWorking: eleazar - don't distract us with graphics yet
zenbitzWorking: not that it's not an issue
Gaspard: true, el, but if the enemy is further away then that would not affect much
Gaspard: as in beginning stages of ranged combat
zenbitzWorking: it's much worse than that - prone is, of course, worse if the enemy is significantly (~3m) above you...
zenbitzWorking: (dep. on angle of course)
Gaspard: with close low cover crouch might also provide the character with the possibility of shooting back while lets say 75% covered
zenbitzWorking:  Gaspard - but the choice is not whether to crouch or not.
zenbitzWorking: that's the "implementation"
zenbitzWorking: the players choice is:  Given this terrain - how do I maximize my defense?
Gaspard: true
zenbitzWorking: Or how do I maximize my defense while retaining my offense
zenbitzWorking: so Player GUI give options (for instance):
zenbitzWorking: 1) Take cover (cower)
zenbitzWorking: 2) Take cover (aim)
zenbitzWorking: 3) fuck cover, I'm gonna shoot
zenbitzWorking: better labels are needed obviously.
zenbitzWorking: some tactical nut might complain that they would rather click on each scenery within 1 tile to decide between 60,70,80% cover.
Gaspard: hm, this reasoning is new to me  I'll have to get used to it
zenbitzWorking: But in reality, you will always choose 80% if the offense is roughly the same.
zenbitzWorking: so tactically there is no decision.
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