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Idea dump.png This article is an idea dump!

Idea dumps are utilized by the different departments to keep their department starting pages clean. The idea dumps can be used to dump notes at the wiki and flesh out work in progress articles. Once the articles have been fleshed out in detail, make sure you properly categorize them and remove them from the idea dump article.

Welcome to the idea dump of the writing department!


Introduction copied from contribution article

What makes the game? The way I see it, we want to create a rich and detailed WORLD in which the PC is free to explore and find "fun" things to do (fun for the Player). Essentially, I consider the world 20 years post WWIII to be a vast wilderness, overgrown with forest with plenty of wild animals. No shortage of human predators, either. Also, it's cold. It's snowy and frozen most of the year, and midwinter is brutally cold and extremely dangerous. However, the world is not (yet...) completely frozen out, there is still a short thaw and growing season (longer as you move south - in this case towards the equator).

Scattered about this wliderness are bits of civilizations... or at least, habitiations. These are Locations. They need your help in creating them. The Locations are basically groups of people with people-like problems, and people-like dreams, and people-like desires. These people are NPCs that the Player, through his PC avatar interacts with. Life can be pretty miserable, scraping together enough food to survive, keeping warm, planning for the long winter, fighting off the wolves and bandits. But there is warmth in there too. And intrigue. And evil. And banality. And Humor. Especially black humor.

The Player meets these people basically by talking to them. What they say and what they do, and what he/she does in response really makes up the game. If you are not familiar with the lingo - when you do stuff that an NPC asks you, it's called a quest. There are basically two types of writing we need for PARPG. One is background - Why is this location the way it is? Why did people choose this place to coalesc around? What are the factions holding it together? Tearing it apart? What is going to happen if the PC intervenes? If he doesn't intervene? The second type of writing is more direct. We need quests. We need dialog and dialog options written for all the little (and big) people the NPC encounters.

Make it real.

For a more mechanics based treatment see Gameplay.

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Notes and Inspiration

Right now, this is just a link dump to discussions or inspirations at the PARPG forums and elsewhere:

Some early thoughts

  • Dia for creating dialog trees as visual flowcharts. XML-based file format.
  • KompoZer - flexible HTML editor, easy web-style hyperlinking.
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