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This is my personal talk page, meant to become a place to collect all kind of useful links and notes.


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Finding a lead writer for PARPG

Places where we currently advertize the open position:


GUI library evaluation for PARPG tools


  • Cross platform (Linux, Win32, Mac) (required)
  • Python 2.7 bindings (required)
  • GUI designer that can generate Python code (prefered)
  • Mature library, proven track record, in active development
  • Proposals for evaluation: wxpython (based on wxwidgets) & pyqt or pyside (based on Qt)

Map editor tutorial

Map editor tutorial


Quotes about PARPG

  • News update:
    It's time for a little news update. We've boiled down possible setting and game mechanics aspects in the last week. So far we've agreed on a nuclear winter setting; furthermore the game will take place in Northern Europe / Scandinavia. In case you're interested about the details, feel free to check out the full news update at the PARPG development blog.
    • Reply at the Obsidian forums:
      Some poorly thought out choices already. While I certainly hope for the best for your project I am expecting vaporware.
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