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Feature proposal.png This article covers a feature proposal.

Feature proposals are suggestions what kind of features the PARPG engine should support. Feature proposals are used as basis for code proposals, which describe how to implement the proposed features.


Technical GUI requirements

A list of features needed for the GUI.

Note: it has not been yet decided whether or not the entire GUI will be scalable (affected features marked with "for scaling GUI").


  • Container/box/area
  • Text
    • Outline font support
    • Bitmap font support (optional)
    • Real-time scaling (for scaling GUI)
    • Color and formatting (optional)
    • Wrap on word boundaries
    • Wrap in middle of words (optional)
    • Lists
      • Tree branches for categorization
      • Text wrap inside list elements
      • Drag & Drop (for list inventory)
  • Image
    • Scaling (for scaling GUI)
    • Image placement relative to boxes/containers. eg: screw nut placed at 33% & 66% at sides of a text box (optional)
  • Cursor/Pointer
    • Cursor image replacement
    • Context-sensitivity - different cursor depending on what is under the cursor
    • Animation (optional)
    • Drop-down menu
      • Text
      • Icon support (optional)


All widgets (aka "controls") need to support image use for borders, corners and backgrounds and be tillable vertically and horizontally.

Borders, corners and backgrounds can be animated and change states on mouse hover and mouse button press/release.

  • Progress bar (only horizontal tiling required)
  • Vertical scrollbar (only vertical tiling required)
    • Support for images, wrapped text and lists in scroll area
    • Automatic addition of scrollbar when content overflows container
  • Text input


  • Transparency, blur, lightness and saturation effects, especially for buttons (optional)
  • Particle effects
    • GUI object dimension-based; example: snowflakes hovering around flexible-size hovered button (optional)

GUI screens


  • Items
  • World map
  • Dialog
  • Text log/console


  • Character sheet
  • Journal/Notes
  • Level map
  • Loading screen
  • Combat
    • Action point counter
    • Enemy indicator (?)

Out of game interactive

  • Character selection
  • Character creation
  • Save/load
  • Settings
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