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Inactive developer.png This user is an inactive contributor to PARPG!

Inactive developers have been contributing to the project in the past. They're either currently taking a break from the project or have officially retired.


I was born in 1980 in Hungary. I work as a programmer (Java), but took the hobby of music creation that became a strong passion for musical creativity. I'm a long time RPG fan, started with pen'n'paper ones back at high school and continued with computer games later on. I'm a linux user as well, prefer Linux when it's possible and manageable over other OS/desktops. I did some contributions in other FLOSS games as well (jcrpg, scourge).

Where to expect Timong?

ATM you might expect me to contribute at the music department and probably some sounds. Also I'm interested in following the writing/mechanics department to get some inspiration for the music, or help out in a brainstorming session if that's needed.

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