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Inactive developer.png This user is an inactive contributor to PARPG!

Inactive developers have been contributing to the project in the past. They're either currently taking a break from the project or have officially retired.



What's your personal motivation to contribute to the project? My job lacks the development that I've always been seeking. I studied computer science to get into the games development and therefore I'd like to have something demontrable. Previous hobby projects all died in the engine-development phase, so PARPG looked (and looks) very promising to me. Besides the professional aspect I just love programming.


Prior experience in the field of (game) development and / or team projects:

  • 3+ years of Java development, 9+ years since I learned C/C++ (didn't always use it actively during this time)
  • experience with DirectX 7/8/9
  • contributed to other hobby games development projects on the internet but they all were stopped before there were showable results
  • experience in OpenSource development (


The development department(s) that you are contributing to:

  • mainly programming for now
  • in the future hopefully writing as well

Specific interests

What are your specific interests in your department(s) of choice?

  • any (fancy) programming job, like taking advantage of the agent design to create some dynamic content
  • in fact any programming job, someone's got to do the job :D
  • story: structure, writing, inventing, refining etc.

Additional information

There is a bunch of additional optional information that might be quite useful.

  • Timezone: GMT + 1
  • Development platform: Win32, if necessary Ubuntu in a VM *coughs*
  • Development tools: WingIDE, MS VS 2008, Notepad++, SmartSVN, TortoiseSVN
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