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  • (First) name: Łukasz
  • Location: Grudziądz/Poland
  • Timezone: UTC+1
  • Operating system(s):
  • Windows
  • Department: Graphics design
  • Main areas of interest:
  • 2D design, UI design
  • Nicknames:
    • Forums: Q_x
      IRC: *q*x*
      SVN/Trac: Luke
      Wiki: Q_x



28, male, obese.

I like cats.

Interests fields

  • SF literature. I almost wrote my first novel In post-apocalyptic nuclear winter mood about raiders gang when I was something like 10 or 12.
  • I got into RPG when I was 15.
  • Low-tech photography: since I was 20. Gum bichromate printing and pinhole photography mainly.
  • Programming - Puredata, Processing, little bit of Lisp and Python.
  • Linux - since 5 years there usually is operable Linux OS lying somewhere around me.
  • Network security. Wireless hacking for phun is not a crime.
  • Graphic design - 2D for now, but all the aspects: video, animation, veejaying, typesetting, DTP & pre-press, illustration, photo-editing, concept design, even live-coding. I work as a freelancer, 90% of it is typesetting for major "medical information market player"
  • Also fine arts. Things like painting, drawing, sculpting, etching, woodcut or linocut, printing. From etched miniatures to mural painting.
  • Quantum physics & astronomy - why not know all the things? At least I know what, how and why does LHC actually collide! And I know Dirac's notation ;) I dream to have a telescope some day (voyeur!).
  • Carpentry, woodworking, furniture and interior design.
  • Blacksmithing
  • Pottery, poetry
  • Modern culture, focused on contemporary art
  • Music taste: Coil, Brendan Perry, field recording. Lots of stuff between. Some strange ethnic melody can also hold my attention, why not
  • Also: Self-Immolations, feeding birds, searching for truth about mankind
  • Survival, alcohol stoves and hammocks
  • Still open-minded. What will I do now?

Dreaming series

Or how the game should be. If this should be a really good game. And good-looking one!

Episode I GUI

I hate overloaded GUI But not overloaded GUI looks good when underlying code is really robust and featurefull. There will be some mockups or real-life examples here in the future.

Don't take it to seriously now. Just think what would be needed to have our game not looking in the bad meaning of "retro".

Features needed for modern GUI in games

Animated buttons, Animation triggered on hover and click, Transparency change on hover or click, some animated bitmap enchantment (blur or darken anything but hovered item) - rendered in realtime, not pre-rendered. Helps to keep focus on what is important and creates reach interaction experience.

Animated things under the button on hover/click (particles, smoke, fire) - imagine little blizzard around the hovered button. Or a swarm of insects around Quit Game button :D

Cursor indicators of what will happen on click, or "Icons around cursor" menu type, quite popular long time ago.

Bitmap-skinned, stretched framing of the elements, fully customizable (eg. with some element like screw nut or bolt that goes into 2/3 of width at the bottom window border). In addition to it: binding background size to text. Like when you have a text label on a bar - lets say on top of some sub-window:

corner---bar---<TEXT HERE>---bar---corner

where "<" and ">" are some fancy limiters and TEXT HERE has some custom background underneath.

Bitmap font support

Stretchable, custom-looking bitmap buttons with some fancy effects on hover/down as described above.

progress bars, fancy, animated, with plasma-like effect for fantasy-style games, customizable, so that it may look like a thermometer or laboratory glass.

Real examples: Vampire the Masquerade

Episode II: HUD

Really simple HUD, so that you have only basic indicators and tabs on a bottom bar. And have all the rest of the screen for your game.

MacOs release can have the bar in the top of the screen.

Episode III: Work

Some introductory, short text, covering:

Starting the game

Working with SVN for graphics,

To use developer's tools to access game tree.

To have one single task to do at a given time, sufficiently described. May be trac ticket, todo list, whatever.

Placeholder sits in its place.

To have style guide, covering briefly how all tasks that can be done - parameters, examples of style to keep close to it.

To test how the new graphics look locally and upload it into SVN for some further revision.

Episode IV: Mechanics

Some features worth thinking of:

  • Random factor when doing viable things should be close to zero. You're not skilled enough - you die.
  • System of brewing the items. It should do something like (combine rock branch with 1,2m quantity of rope) to have primitive axe or club, or (split-by-lenght lodge with axe) to have two smaller lodges. In general all items would have lots of related data - like mass, size, "cutting abilities", sturdiness, ways it can be separated, torn or broken apart (so that old radio can be broken or desoldered in thousand ways).

End notes

Correct me. I make typos. Tons of it. I have keyboard that has some keys stuck and other - stubborn. I'm not native English speaker.

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