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  • (First) name: Martin
  • Location: Dresden, Germany
  • Timezone: UTC+1
  • Operating system(s):
  • Windows 7 x64
  • Department: Project management
  • Main areas of interest:
  • Project coordination, Public relations, Infrastructure maintenance
  • Nicknames:
    • Forums: mvBarracuda
      IRC: barra_*
      SVN/Trac: barra_parpg
      Wiki: MvBarracuda

This is my personal page where I tell you about my motivation for working on PARPG. Furthermore there is additional information about my skills, the tasks I plan to take care of and about the person behind the nick.


The main reason why I decided to found this project is that I'm a huge fan of Fallout as well as of a bunch of other old school RPGs (Arcanum, Planescape: Torment) from the golden age of the genre (~1992-2002). I've played through Fallout 1 when I was a teenager and the rather unique mix of its game mechanics, setting and story elements really appealed to me. Nowadays isometric old school RPGs don't get made as mainstream titles anymore. There is hope in the form of indie and open source development though! I would like to take part in reviving old school RPG development by contributing to this very project.

In 2004 I joined an open source Fallout engine project called ianout and acted as little helper here and there. About a year later I was one of the founders of the isometric open source game engine FIFE. My main source of motivation was the idea to use such an engine in a real game project some day. This time has come now. I've recently stepped down from my project management position at FIFE and would like to start a new chapter with PARPG.

What kind of experience I have to offer

  • 3 years of project management experience working on FIFE:
    • Public relations: blog development updates, release announcements, community interaction.
    • Developer recruitment: I was responsible for recruiting programmers for FIFE. Didn't have the chance to collect a similar amount of experience working with artists, writers or gameplay designers yet.
    • Project documentation: I've been maintaining the FIFE project wiki for these 3 years and gained substantial experience in this field while doing so.
  • Basic understanding of programming and software engineering concepts.
  • Basic understanding of the legal aspects related to open source development. I coordinated the FIFE license switch from GPL to LGPL with help from the Software Freedom Law Center.
  • Win32 compile SDK maintenance. Building all FIFE-dependencies with code::blocks /w mingw, MSVC 2005 & MSVC2008 from source and putting them together in an easy to use package.
  • Win32 release packaging. Shipped seven major FIFE releases from 2005-2008.
  • Experience with the following development tools: Code::Blocks, mingw, Trac, SVN, (Media)Wiki.

What I can NOT offer

  • 2d art creation skills.
  • 3d modeling skills.
  • Programming skills beyond a basic understanding of the underlying concepts.
  • The in-depth ruleset knowledge of a pen and paper RPG player.
  • Writing skills of a native speaker.

My key tasks

Key tasks are the tasks that I would like to concentrate on while working on PARPG. These are the tasks that I'm familiar enough with to properly fulfill them and guide other developers in these fields.

Project coordination

  • Milestone planning, roadmap, mission statement
  • Maintaining the project/development process vision of PARPG
  • Maintaining the project documentation at the wiki

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Hosting & administering the PARPG blog, forums and wiki
  • Sourceforge & Codesion administration
  • SVN & Trac maintenance

Public relations

  • Small development updates at the blog on a regular basis.
  • Community interaction.

Developer recruitment

  • Wording developer recruitment templates. Once certain positions are filled, we can overwork the recruitment templates with the feedback of the relevant departments.
  • Posting at the different recruitment places. Monitor them for developers who offer their services. Answer questions about the project that are brought up there.
  • Interviewing interested developers and acting as primary contact person in this first phase.

My secondary tasks

Secondary tasks are tasks that I could take care of if needed. Especially in the beginning of the project, we'll prolly have a rather small team. So people who have a solid understanding of some fields - but aren't experts in them - work in them due lack of experts on the team.

Web design

  • Limited adjustments to blog, forums and wiki design.

Win32 package maintenance

  • Customizing FIFE win32 compile SDK if needed.
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