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Active developers are currently contributing to the project and have done so over a longer period of time.

  • (First) name: Corey
  • Location: New Hampshire/United States
  • Timezone: UTC-5
  • Operating system(s):
  • Linux Mint 10 - amd64
  • Department: Programming, Graphics
  • Main areas of interest:
  • 3d Assests, Tools
  • Nicknames:
    • Forums: KB1PKL
      IRC: KB1PKL
      SVN/Trac: KB1PKL
      Wiki: Kb1pkl

This page will mostly be a holding area for the things I am working on, as well as a personal to-do list. A little about me at the end.



Wiki Documentation

In the future, this area will server to document the workflow for creating all types of objects.

Animated, Non-Moving Objects

It is assumed you already have a project to work on, have gotten feedback, and are ready to begin development of your object. Go about your own workflow for getting things modelled and textured. Make sure that any textures you use, you attribute! Make sure the license is compatible, see External graphics assets for some sources and sites you can't use. After that, it's important to get the camera setup properly. See Setting up your camera (Blender).

To-Do List

I am currently working on the items marked (Current)

  • Workflow for Graphics
    • Clean up current graphics articles
    • Working out render settings
  • Blender script for auto-rotation and rendering
  • XML generation for animations and static objects (Utilizing ?) (Current)
  • Trees! More trees! Going for coniferous look, so Pines and Junipers (Using Arbaro)

Complete Projects

  • burning_barrel replacement (In trunk)
  • Restructure graphics assets for compliance

Who Am I?

I'm a 16 year old student living in New Hampshire, USA. I can hold my own with Blender, and can do basic things with GIMP. I can also whip up a website that will fulfill it's purpose, but not necessarily be the best to look at, especially the design ;). I've been using Python for years now, and was ready to start working on something major. I have considerable experience working with small groups from Destination ImagiNation. I don't really know that much in terms of design patterns and methodologies, but I learn fast. Looking to donate whatever I can offer to this project. I used to game a lot, but that slowed down when I got into high school. Now I mostly just do Call of Duty on the weekends with my friends, who don't appreciate RPGs. I do PnP RPGs sometimes still, after ending a 3-year campaign with a group of friends.

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