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DRWeir draft.jpg
  • (First) name: Karsten
  • Location: Hildesheim (Region), Germany
  • Timezone: UTC+1
  • Operating system(s):
  • Windows XP Home, Ubuntu Linux 10.4
  • Department: Programming
  • Main areas of interest:
  • Game logic, GUI
  • Nicknames:
    • Forums: Beliar
      IRC: Beliar*
      SVN/Trac: beliar
      Wiki: Beliar


Skills and experience

  • Programming, C++, Python, Databases
  • Writing install scripts (NSIS)

What I can not offer

  • 3D modeling
  • writing
  • (good) 2D art

Unrelated to PARPG

I have a successful completed apprenticeship as a software developer.

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