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WIP NPC.png This article covers a work in progress NPC.

Work in progress non-player characters get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted NPCs.


Character information

  • Name: Thomas Savino, Aging Physicist
  • Age: 55
  • Hair: White hair now. Used to be light-haired.
  • Eyes: brown
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 71kg
  • Religion: Atheist, before the war roman-catholic
  • Languages: Common, also Spanish, French and a bit of Russian

  • Mental:
    • Intelligence: Above
    • Perception: Above
  • Social:
    • Charisma: Average
    • Manipulation: Average
  • Physical:
  • Combatant: Only when Provoked

Physical Appearance

  • General height, weight, and apparent age: Distinguished man, rather calm, skinny and slender, 182 cm, 71 kg
  • Unique features: Has rare technical knowledge. Coarse voice. Chooses his words carefully.
  • Usual attire: Prefers dark clothes if possible, has an old furcoat with white fur if he needs to leave his place.
  • Choice of weapons: He has an old hunting rifle and a bit ammo for it. Is a lousy shooter though. Also has a swiss army knife which he likes a lot.

Background information


  • What is the NPC's history?

When the war started, Thomas was already an established physicist in London at the "University College London", focusing on energy systems, especially LASER theory and similar. This was the time when the Ultrashort Pulse Laser (like Titan-Sapphire Laser) were getting popular.

After the war broke lose and witnessing the death of many he knew, he fled to the northeast, first to Sweden, Stockholm. As chaos increased quickly he tried to secure his savings and find shelter in more remote areas, where the effects of war wouldn't reach him too easily.

Eventually he journeyed to the east, finding shelter near an old hideout which seems to have been a natural cave, enlarged by other people who abandoned it already for reasons unknown. They prepared a good deal of the cave, and Thomas eventually settled to live there, enlarging it slowly (perhaps not on his own, but I describe only him for now) He slowly started research again, this time focusing on photosynthesis and solar-energy. Because he is permanently on "low-budget" he does not really make any progress, but he did manage to acquire a few technical devices over the years and uses a steam engine for electricity. He still dreams of conducting experiments on low-energy powered lasers, and would like to go to more civilized areas, but he is afraid of settlements, and does not trust the peace. He is also slightly paranoid, and living in isolation only increases his paranoia.

He used to know Felix Weir (and his work) very briefly from university many years ago, but he doesn't even know if Felix is still alive.

He still enjoys collecting equipment components and reuse them. The components might be used by the actor (or stolen)

Every now and then, Thomas also has contact to a guy who provides him with some food every now and then, in exchange for slight repair or technical information. (Note, this guy could be described by someone else who wants to add connections, or I do it when Thomas is approved)

  • What is this NPC trying to accomplish?

- Improve his research studies, eventually trying to build a laser system which can be powered by "low fuel".

Ties to other NPCs or Political groups

  • Does this NPC have ties to other NPCs or Political groups?

- No real ties, except to the driver. He doesnt really know much about ELL or other factions at all, he tries to leave alone. - He has however interests in scientific news - He is not interested in leadership, nor in his financial well-being

Relationship to the PC

  • Does this NPC have ties to the PC? If not, how would the PC meet them?

The PC may hear slight rumours in certain academic circles, or in nearby tribal communities of a shrewd, strange guy living in a cave. But more likely is that the PC may find his hideout by exploring in the northeastern area.

  • How can the relationship evolve?

The PC would need to earn his trust slowly, by doing a few errands perhaps, or by helping him (against an enemy tribe, or against wolves or similar).

  • What are the differences for a male / female PC?

No difference, although a female PC may find it easier to earn his trust than a strong, brutal male PC character. (Thomas himself lost his family during the war.)

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this NPC?
  • Some easy ones where he has to find components
  • More difficult ones where he has to collect rare components
  • Against a slight payment he might teach the actor some technical stuff
  • He could also sell his weapon if the actor wants to buy it
  • More interestingly, the NPC could be persuaded to join the actor to visit another area, but initially he does not really want to explore the world. He might however want to find university-like areas... it depends on the "skills" of the actor to convince him to come with him. He could even help here and there, for missions where technical skills are required, or informations.
  • He might also repair some components, which might help the actor in other quests.
  • He may probably provide components which are required for some weapons.

Further Notes

  • If the player persuades to join him, he will attempt to leave the character if the journey takes too long (like several months). He will try to join any scientific community, and feels especially unhappy if the actor is a very combat-oriented person. The actor may convince him to stay, but Thomas will slowly get frustrated and look for ways to leave the team.
  • If he stays at his hideout, and the player earns his trust, he may provide some help every now and then. For example, he might try to gather components which the player might need, and he may allow the player to use a chest for storing items and so on. He is however not a key NPC.
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