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Submitted NPC.png This article covers a submitted NPC.

Submitted non-player characters have been fleshed out in detail and are ready for review by the other developers. Once they have been reviewed and agreed upon, they become accepted NPCs.


Character information

  • Name: The Oldest
  • Age: 24 (see notes)
  • Religion: N/A
  • Languages: Common
  • Mental: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Intelligence: Average
    • Perception: Average
  • Social: (Below / Average / Above)
    • Charisma: Above Average
    • Manipulation: Above Average
  • Physical: Average
  • Combatant: Will defend himself if provoked (see notes)

Physical Appearance

  • General height, weight, and apparent age: Slightly taller than average, slightly underweight, and fresh faced. (see notes)
  • Unique features: Pale, dark hair, and a small growth of brownish "peach fuzz" on his chin and upper lip.
  • Usual attire:

Background information


  • What is the NPC's history? The Oldest was born four years before the bombs dropped, and though he doesn't remember much from that time, he does remember a summer day in the park with his parents. His parents were killed during the war, and he was admitted to an orphanage which was eventually assimilated into the ELL, where they put him to work in one of their various labor camps, specifically coal mines. Despite the horrid conditions of the labor camp, he survived, and established himself as a leader among the other orphans, often citing age as a reason to be trusted or obeyed.

"Because I'm the oldest."

In roughly 2003-2005), at age 19, the Oldest lead a large group of orphans, ranging in age from 5-17, to escape the labor camp to a History Museum located just outside the ELL's patrol routes, about 10-20 KM away, where they were able to set up a permanent location called The City of Orphans. The Museum provided plenty of literature, and The Oldest became obsessed with some ruler, such as Alexander the Great. (see notes)

Ties to other NPCs or Political groups

  • Does this NPC have ties to other NPCs or Political groups?
    • The Oldest leads the City of Orphans.
    • Mother lives within the City of Orphans, and essentially works for The Oldest. He doesn't fully trust her, as she's an adult, but he knows that she's a value to the City.
    • The Oldest is a wanted criminal of the ELL

Relationship to the PC

  • Does this NPC have ties to the PC? If not, how would the PC meet them? The Oldest can be found within the City of Orphans, and he will distrust anyone "older" than him. (see notes)
  • How can the relationship evolve? The Oldest is always looking for new information on his ruler-fixation. If he is brought a book about his preferred ruler, he will open up enough to give the PC quests.
  • What are the differences for a male / female PC? None; his biases are based entirely on age, not gender or race.

Quest options

  • What quests could the player receive from this NPC?
    • The Oldest it is his duty to protect all children, so:
      • The Oldest wants to rescue all the children from the labor camps, either by stealth or force. The player may be asked to help.
      • The Oldest will eventually resort to kidnapping kids that he believes are in a bad situation. "Bad situation" will eventually escalate to include all kids being raised by parents that aren't him. The player could be asked to help with this.
      • A local girl has gone missing, and the father approaches the PC, believing that she's been taken into the City of Orphans.
    • See Main story by NineOfHearts and Dave Matney


In General

  • He believes himself to always be about 19 or 20.
  • The Oldest may attack the City of Orphans, to "cleanse" it of anyone he believes is older than himself.

As related to Main story by NineOfHearts and Dave Matney

  • The Oldest is the older brother of the PC in the Young storyline.
  • The Oldest is 19 during the Young storyline prologue. Also, he believes himself to always be about 19 or 20.
  • The appearance of The Oldest is based on the appearance of the PC, in the Young storyline, to reflect that they are siblings. Skin tone and portraits should change to reflect this. In other storylines, he defaults to the above appearance.
  • The ruler The Oldest is obsessed with will be decided by the PC, in the Young storyline, through dialog with The Oldest. It's not particularly important to the story, though it does give every replay a different possibility. In other storylines, he defaults to Alexander The Great.
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