Temple of the Gemini

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This is a predraft. Only an idea, more work on the concept needs to be done.

The Temple of the Gemini is a temple located in Norway. In its center are two graves of Apache attack helicopter crewman. The sanctuary itself also encompasses the crashed hull of the chopper.

The story of the Temple

The chopper in question, with its crew, was an just an ordinary plane before and during WWIII. It flew some missions, made it's mark. In reality, what made it special was the way it went down.

It was brought down while flying a mission supporting NATO forces making a successful thrust in Soviet lines. The force in question was struck by two nuclear bombs. The chopper found itself in a good position the moment the bombs struck and was not destroyed by none of the bombs effects. However, the intense radiation, the high concentration of radionuclides in the air achieved immediately after the twin blasts affected the crew.

The force they were supposed to protect was destroyed. The force they were supposed to fight was also destroyed. It ended being just the two of them, in a machine, flying above the burning wreckage, rotor blades faithfully piercing the smoke, dust and hot air, their brains swelling from cellular damage inflicted by immense radiation.

The Apache was fine the whole time. Machines survive even bigger hits. But the crew was not. With a metallic scent of the radioactive air around them in their nostrils, they crashed. One walked outside. Saw the absolutely same picture he saw from the air. Then he collapsed and died like his comrade.

The radars didn't saw them fall. Electromagnetic storms initiated by the bombs blinded them.

Their bones, and the chopper, were found years later. They were buried beside their war machine. A recording of their sayings were recovered from the Apache and that is the way the world came to know of their fall. A shrine quickly arose. Later, a temple was constructed, with an old man permanently living there and taking care of it.

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