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Infrastructure proposal.png This article covers an infrastructure proposal.

Infrastructure proposals are suggestions how to improve the project infrastructure; this also includes the code toolchain and tools for code documentation. Infrastructure proposals will be evaluated by the project management department and implemented down the line if they have been agreed upon.

This infrastructure proposal explores what kind of system requirements we should be aiming for.


Food for thought

This article is currently considered food for thought. Please help to flesh it out and provide feedback.

Targeted Python version

  • Python 2.6+

Targeted operating systems




  • We offically support Windows XP (32bit), Window Vista (32 & 64bit) and Windows 7 (32 & 64bit)
  • Older Windows versions like Windows 98, Windows ME are not officially supported
  • Exotic Windows versions with low market penetration like Windows XP (64bit) or Windows Server 2008 are not officially supported either

Virtual machines

  • We don't officially support running PARPG in a virtual machine

Targeted FIFE renderers

  • FIFE officially supports SDL software rendering and OpenGL-based hardware rendering
  • In reality however, the SDL renderer is not much more than a fallback option and doesn't support some fancier features such as dynamic lighting
  • We should consider to just target FIFE's OpenGL renderer for PARPG

Targeted display resolutions

  • Minimum resolution?

System spects

  • CPU?
  • RAM?
  • Free HDD space?
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