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Unstarted sprint.png This is a sprint in preparation!

Unstarted sprints get currently prepared. Before a sprint can actually start it needs to have a defined sprint goal (consisting of one or more product backlog items), a list of developers who want to participate in the sprint (including a sprint coordinator), an estimated timeframe for the sprint and a list of sprint backlog tasks - categorized by department - that should be tackled within the sprint.

This is a test sprint.


Sprint goal

Taken from the product backlog. If trac is used for product backlog items, link to the actual Trac ticket. Trac has the huge advantage that we can prioritize product backlog items with it.

Sprint rules

  • Which definition of done is used?
  • Do we use guidelines during the sprint that differ from our usual agreed upon guidelines?

Conditions of success

Which conditions of success need to be fulfilled so verify that the sprint goal has been actually reached?

Release milestone

Is the sprint scheduled for a specific release milestone? Has this sprint been completed for a specific release milestone?

Estimated sprint timeframe

How much time should it take to tackle the sprint goal. How much time would it have to take to consider cancelling an ongoing sprint?

Sprint location

In case the sprint actually doesn't take place in trunk but in one or several branches, all of them should be listed here.

Sprint team

  • Sprint coordinator who takes a lead role in coordinating the efforts and resolving impediments; the sprint coordinator is the primary contact person for new developers who would like to contribute to an ongoing sprint as intern
  • List of developers who are participating in the sprint and their specific field of work they're contributing to
  • Sprint interns who learn on the sprint by helping with bug testing and providing feedback

Sprint meetings

List of all sprint meetings, including sprint prioritization, sprint planning, twice-weekly Scrums, sprint review & sprint retrospective.

Progress report

Sprint participants report back their last task they've tackled and the one that they're currently looking into.


Impediments are hurdles/problems the sprint participants can't resolve within their department in a short timespan. Resolving impediments during a sprint should have a very high priority. The sprint coordinator takes a lead role in monitoring and resolving impediments.

Sprint backlog tasks

Sprint backlog tasks are categorized by department. They can (should?) link to proposals where the task is explored in detail.

Department 1

Department 2

Department 3

Postponed product backlog items

In case we run into major problems tackling one specific product backlog item and its associated tasks during a sprint, we should postpone the work on it and tackle it in another sprint in the future.

Lessons learned

Lessons learned will be added here after the sprint has been completed. This will help us to learn from prior mistakes and continue to use what turned out to be a good practice in the past.

What worked well

Which good practices should we continue to use?

What went wrong

What didn't work out well. In case a sprint had to be canceled, adding information what went wrong is actually essential to learn from our mistakes.

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