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Release sprint.png This is a release sprint!

Release sprints are the final sprints that happen before we ship a new major public release of PARPG. They are usually focused on fixing bugs, documenting licensing information of the assets and adding some polish here and there.



  • Implement shuffle playback for background audio tracks (see ticket #250)


  • Game main menu that replaces the current placeholder menu: save game, load game, new game, options, etc. (see ticket #152)
    • Two slightly different main menu widgets might be needed:
      1. Main menu shown when PARPG is started, featuring background image
      2. Main menu without background image or slightly blended background image that is brought up when the user presses the ESC key



  • Review, document and extend the dialog engine (see ticket #229)
  • Introduce character stats and skills for both PC and NPC (see mechanics paragraph above for details)
  • Stabilize the object hierarchy and make an object db, decide on the responsibilities separation between those, get rid of multiple files serving similar purpose (see ticket #185, #76)
  • Refactor and cleanup (see ticket #252, #82, #83)


  • Find a lead writer for the department who takes a look over the existing writing proposals and decides what to keep and what to throw away

Project management

  • Flesh out agreed upon workflows for all development departments:
    • Glossary
    • How to contribute
    • How to use SVN
    • How to use Trac
  • Agree upon plans for techdemo 3 once completion of techdemo 2 milestone is nearing
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