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Infrastructure.png This article covers project infrastructure information!

Project infrastructure is an umbrella term for all the (project management) tools that are needed to effectively run the project. This also includes the necessary hardware to utilize these tools. Administering the project infrastructure is a key task of the project management department.

As Sourceforge still did not manage to complete the registration for PARPG yet, all kind of important information concerning the project takeover will be stored here.

Created Trac tickets

Ticket text

Hello dear sourceforge stuff, I have been trying to take a specific project id over since several months but it seems that can't complete the project takeover process due a server moving issue.

Project id that I would like to take over: parpg

Here's the text I used when I initially tried to register the project at sourceforge net:

== Project Type == An Open Source Software Project == Name == Post-Apocalyptic RPG == Project Takeover == I want to replace this project with an unrelated effort. == Public Description == PARPG - short form for Post-Apocalyptic RPG is an isometric 2D roleplaying inspired by the genre classic Fallout. It's written in Python, utilizing the open source game engine FIFE. == Registration Description == PARPG will be an isometric open source roleplaying game inspired by the Fallout series. It's currently in its early concept phase and we've agreed on the following details: * The game will be inspired in multiple ways by the classics of the golden age of isometric RPGs. First and foremost Fallout (settings-wise) but also Arcanum (quality of graphics) as well as Planescape: Torment (quality of written dialog). * The game will put heavy emphasis on choice & consequence, based on the stats of you the character you play, trying to minimize the influence of the reflexes of the player who plays the game. * Therefore combat will not be fought in real-time but in a turn-based mode as in the Fallout RPGs. * Instead of full 3D flexibility, the game focuses mainly on using high quality isometric 2D graphics. This puts less demands on target platforms and also simplifies game development. * PARPG is also the temporary working title of the project. We can reconsider this choice once we've assembled a team and worked out the fundamentals especially setting- & story-wise. === Technical information === * The game will be written in C++ & Python, utilizing the FIFE open source isometric game engine. The majority of the game related code will be written in Python and just time-critical code will be moved to the C++ engine core. * Main loop will run in Python, accessing C++ engine functionality via importing a dynamic library version of the FIFE engine core. * Game and all editing tools that we'll create for game asset creation (e.g. a map editor) are meant to run on all different flavours of Linux and Win32. * Targeted compilers: gcc, mingw, MSVC2005, MSVC2008. * Targeted native build solutions: Code::Blocks (mingw), KDevelope (gcc), SCons (gcc, mingw), Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008. * Required Python version: >= 2.5x to support Python ElementTree functionality. No plans to switch to Python 3.0 due lack of 3rd party library support at the moment. * SDL-related libraries that we'll utilize: SDL, SDL_image (image loading and processing), SDL_ttf (font loading and processing). * Audio support will be implemented via OpenAL on Win32 / OpenAL soft on Linux. Libvorbis & libogg will be used to support ogg vorbis audio assets. * GUI support will be implemented via the open source GUI library Guichan and the Guichan Python wrapper Pychan. * C++ <> Python bindings will be generated via SWIG bindings generator. * Additional dependencies: Boost (general purpose functionality) & zlib (accessing zip files). * All assets will be created from scratch and released under a yet to be decided open source content license (Creative Commons). * As we'll be utilizing FIFE, PARPG's graphics will be rendered 2d versions of 3d models created with Blender.

Unfortunately my initially submitted ticket seems to have been lost when trac was updated or it was deleted. I've been waiting for over four months for the project takeover now and there seems little to know indication when the server moving process will be finished. What's the current status of the server moving process and when can projects that would like to take over established id's hope to actually do so? Some project seem to wait for their project takeover process for over a full year now.

Thanks in advance :-)

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