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Established workflow.png This article covers an established workflow.

Established workflows have been discussed among and agreed upon by the development department(s). They should serve as documentation how these workflows are successfully utilized in the project.

This is an up to date list of audio assets we could need in the game right now, taking the current feature set into account.



Interface music

  • Title menu audio track

Ingame music

  • Background audio track
  • Combat audio track

Sound effects

GUI sound effects

  • Menu item highlight
  • Menu item select
  • Change menues (move from one menu to another, eg. Title Menu to Options Menu)

Ingame sound effects



  • On snow
  • On metal
  • On grass
  • On wood


  • On wood
  • On snow
  • On grass
  • On metal


  • Open container
  • Close container
  • Take item(s) from container
  • Put item(s) into container
  • Examine container


  • Pick up item from ground
  • Examine item (on ground)


  • Open inventory screen
  • Close inventory screen
  • Move item into inventory slot
  • Drop item from inventory on the ground


  • Use door (teleports the character to another map)
  • Examine door
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