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Here's a list I want to put together so that nothing important is lost while the hosting is ceased. If you have any ideas on what we need and where it should go - please add below. If you have any particular suggestion (this must be, that may be combined with something to create something like this) - please include link


Wiki contents

My presonal idea is to keep fairly small set of wiki docs - only very official and needed stuff that has to be updated quite frequently. The rest may be included as a part of code tree (like The PARPGpedia of our great past).

Documents we need

  • Project description: setting, goals, past, current state, ideas for the future, code infrastructure, type of graphics, our needs.
  • Inspirational links, movies, literature
  • Download instructions
  • Portfolio
  • Guidelines for every possible person that wants to contribute
  • Possible easy tasks for starters
  • Ideas for the future
  • Credits

Documents we might want

Many approved or planned to be approved things, to be used for implementation or inspiration (RPG mechanics, writing)


My personal idea is to go through every thread and take two kinds of things: what can be used and what's inspiring or useful for the future, and make docs out of it. However, I can't decide what's good beyond my area here.

We could replace it for longer proposals with assembla service and just move all those small things to discuss on IRC


Ditch entirely, start fresh

Media gallery

Actually quite useful may be a part of our future blog (or any anouncement platform we'll use)


Artwork hosted there may be used to populate OpenGameArt - this would be a major contribution, it needs agreement and/or coordination of BartK or delegated person.


Anything else?

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