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Recruitment.png This article covers fields of work on the team!

Help wanted articles list the possible fields of work in one specific department. The lead developers of the department in question are encouraged to keep these articles up to date to maximize our chances to find talented contributors. Interested contributors are encouraged to read the membership article to get an idea how PARPG development works in this regard.

This article lists the possible fields of work in the project management department.

How to apply

If you're serious about contributing to the project, please post an introduction on the forums, preferably with the field of work you want to contribute to in the title.

If you have any questions about the project management department or fields of work please contact our project manager, barra. Barra can be found on the IRC channel for real-time communication, or you can send him a private message via the forums.

Open fields of work

We're currently trying to find contributors in these fields of work.

Web development

  • PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML & CSS, Python (optional, for Trac)
  • Customizing forums (SMF), wiki (Mediawiki), blog (Wordpress) and ticket tracker (Trac) software
  • Customizing the CSS style sheets of the software mentioned above to achieve a somewhat consistent look across the different tools
  • Smaller changes to php and python scripts for further design customization (optional)

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Setting up SVN accounts
  • All kind of administrative work that is related to the development infrastructure: SVN, forums, wiki, blog, etc
  • Possible maintenance of a server that provides additional development tools: IRC logs, code documentation, SVN snapshots

Public relations

  • Community interaction
  • Maintaining development blog
  • Handle all kind of interaction with the public: release announcements, possible interviews with the team, etc


  • Trying to recruit new developers by advertizing the project at defined recruitment places
  • Looking out for additional possible places for recruitment
  • Working out the recruitment descriptions in cooperation with the corresponding development department
  • Getting in contact with potentially interested developers and giving them a short project introduction
  • Answering any questions that these developers might have about the project

Closed fields of work

For various reasons, we're currently not trying to find contributors in these fields of work.

Lead project management

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