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Glossary.png This article is a glossary!

This article lists agreed upon terms to ease communication. Glossary articles are primarily targeted at the developers of PARPG; either developers of a specific department or the whole team in general.

This article is the glossary of the project management department.

Project management terms

Infrastructure is an umbrella term for all the (project management) tools that are needed to effectively run the project. This also includes the necessary hardware to run these tools. Infrastructure includes version control, task & bug tracking, documentation as well as various communication channels the developers utilize, such as the blog, the forums and IRC.
Mission statement
The Mission statement is a brief statement of what we would like to achieve with the PARPG project.
Public relations
Public relations are all tasks of the project management staff related to communicating with the public. That includes: updating the development blog, community interaction at external forums, wording release announcement.
Release pipeline
The release pipeline is a collection of tools and documentation that help us deploying new releases of PARPG on different supported platforms. Tools are usually helper scripts that assist us in the process. Release pipeline documentation often covers release guidelines in several regards: what needs to be done before thinking about shipping a new release, how to package a release for a specific platform, which public relations tasks should be taken care of when shipping a release, etc.
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