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Current tasks.png This article is a list of current tasks!

Current tasks articles contain a list of tasks that the developers of a specific department are currently looking into or working on. Please add yourself in alphabetic order if you're contributing in the specific department. These lists are meant as an easy way to let the other developers of the team know who's currently working on what. Inactive developers should move their current tasks to their user talk pages while they're taking a break from the project.

Welcome to the current tasks of the project management department!


Right away

  • Get in contact with about spam issues
  • Summarize last three meetings and post links at the forums
  • Prepare sprint review & retrospective meeting
  • Bring up discussion about future sprint coordinator at the forums
  • Bring up packacking / release discussion at the forums
  • Announce lead writer decision at the blog
  • Create sprint video after the sprint has ended and upload it to youtube
  • Spikes vs. code proposals in sprints
  • How does the proposal concept we use fit into the Scrum framework? How should proposals be used in sprints?
  • Brainstorming: what kind of information should the How_to_contribute article actually contain?

Set back

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