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Philosophy.png This article covers a development philosophy!

Development philosophies are guidelines how specific departments or the project as a whole approach their work. They set a direction for development, define good practices and explain why these good practices are used.

This article describes the development philosophies that are applied by the programming department.

Programming department philosophy proposals

Code should always be documented before committing to SVN
Contributors and even developers often disappear without warning, and if their code isn't well-documented then any hope of understanding the code goes with them. This often means hours or even days of sifting through the code trying to figure out how it works, which is wasted time and effort that could have gone into implementing new features. While we recognize that programmers often practice different workflows and we try to be agnostic, we do require that all code committed to our version control repository is thoroughly documented according to our standards (see Coding standards and best practices#Code_Documentation).
Respect established code standards
No code is sacred
All code is a collaborative effort
No one "owns" any code they submit to PARPG. TODO: expand on this.
Programmers should always ensure that other developers and contributors know what they are working on. The Programming:Current_tasks article is used for this purpose.

Lead Programmer's Role

In addition to maintaining the department wiki and coordinating department efforts, the lead programmer is responsible for protecting the programming department philosophy and ensuring that it is applied and maintained. This means ensuring that code submitted for commitment to SVN is up to standards, and helping maintain a healthy, cooperative environment in the department.

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