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License.png This article contains license-related information!

License articles explain how the agreed upon licenses that we use for PARPG either affect the project as a whole or a how they influence the work of specific development departments.

This article explains how the agreed upon licenses that we use for PARPG affect the work of the programming department. Make sure to also check out the License article that covers the license-related aspects that affect the project as a whole.


Which license(s) do we use?

All code (for a definition of code, see below) is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.

What is code?

This is supposed to be become a whitelist of code file types we use:

  • Python source files (.py)
  • YAML files (.yaml) (currently categorized as code)
  • Packaging scripts (.nsi, .nsh)
  • Batch scripts (.bat)

How to document

A code license template can be found in our SVN repository:

Which licenses are compatible?

FIXME: Which licenses are compatible with GPL 3.0?

Voluntary attribution


  • Do we want to attribute 3rd party code even if the license of the 3rd party code does not require it?
  • Attribution for substantial 3rd party code?
  • How do we define substantial 3rd party code?
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