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Deprecated story mechanic.png This article covers a deprecated story mechanic.

Deprecated story mechanics have been usually rejected in favour of other submitted story mechanics and have been abandoned. Therefore deprecated story mechanics are no longer considered to serve as guidelines for the creation of writing content.

This page has been replaced by Survivors

Players will chose from a limited sets of "origins", which are then used to balance/assign costs for their character (primarily skills). "Oldster" vs . "New Blood". How old were you when the T72s rolled and the bombs fell? 20? 30? Or were you raised as a kid in the brave new cold world??

For some discussion of this: Character Origins forum thread



New Blood

These types of characters are primarily survival oriented. They don't got no readin' or writin' (well usually) and they live under a different moral code. They understand old world technology, but they know all the good ice fishing spots, and can move without leaving tracks in the snow. Variants: Hunter, Scavenger, Predator, Trader, others. They can be one of the following:

  • Townie brats (children - adopted or natural of Oldsters who are civilized)
  • Tribals (children of Oldsters who went native, or are 20-30 y.o. "elders" of new tribes)
  • Wild (literally raised by wolves)


These folks have a history. They remember the good old days. They are suckers for pre-war items and nostalgia. They are still tough, hardened survivors, but they are getting to the point where they have to rely more or their wits than their physical attributes. They have all the same types as the New Blood, but will always have some kind of back ground skills ("word processing" anyone??). They are familiar with the technology that still works, even if they can't repair it: In addition there are mechanic, scientist and trained solider types. I assume there will be an large number of War Veterans. They can also be one of the following:

  • Civilized (they formed or are part of a group of oldster survivors)
  • Tribals (they went native, but not alone)
  • Lone Wolves (they feel the best way to succeed in this cold world is to live only for themselves).


Example origin/background ideas:

  • Freezing homeland: Somewhere in Lapland or further to the north. Temperatures continue to fall and eventually sea ice did not melt even during summer. Elders decide it is time to move village and PC is sent to find new place.
  • Destroyed homeland: Village is located near some abandoned chemical factory. Eventually something breaks and most of village dies. Survivors flee "cursed" place.
  • Raided homeland: raiders wipe out village while PC is away.
  • Wiped out clan: raiders, which PC joins for some reason, are wiped out by villagers
PC is part of merchant family. They are attacked during travels and killed with only PC surviving.
  • Exile: PC committed some crime and is exiled.
  • Hunted: home is conquered by faction that wishes PC dead.
  • Secret Agent: PC is sent by some major faction to gather information and fulfill different tasks.
  • Orphan: PC has no family and works at some farm. After reaching adulthood he decides to leave the farm.
  • Adopted beggar: PC was taken in by beggars in some city. After reaching adulthood he is not pitied as a "poor boy/girl" enough to create income and is sent away.


Origins allow the player character to have unique opportunities for training and missions (because they are connected through their background). There should be no more than one or two of such opportunities per background.

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