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Submitted workflow.png This article covers a submitted workflow.

Sumbitted workflows are currently under consideration to be utilized by the development department(s).

This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the <Date> <Department> IRC meeting.



<Day>, <Date>, <Time> (GMT). If you're unsure the time difference between the timezone you're residing in and GMT, check out this useful website: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/

Type of meeting

Type of meeting, e.g. a department specific meeting or a global project meeting with developers from all departments.

List of topics

The basic idea is to have a speaker for every subject who introduces the topic and also leads the discussion for this specific point.

Topic 1

  • Introduced by <Speaker 1>
  • <Introduction to the topic>

Topic 2

  • Introduced by <Speaker 2>
  • <Introduction to the topic>


The agreed upon decisions are listed here. This way it's easier for developers and community members who missed the meeting to get an idea of the general results. Wording of the results for a specific topic should be taken care of by the speaker who introduces the topic.

Topic 1

  • <Results 1>

Topic 2

  • <Results 2>


Link to either the starting position of the logs or a complete separate IRC logfile uploaded at the wiki

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