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Project coordination.png This article covers project coordination information!

Project coordination includes development guidelines, milestone planning and the project's roadmap. Taking a lead role in project coordination is a key task of the project management department.

The article lists all tasks that are planned to be completed for milestone 0. Strike out completed ones.




  • Agree on projection perspective: real isometric projection.


  • Codify basic combat mechanics: tactical, turn-based combat.
  • Codify supported game modes: singleplayer; coop not a priority.
  • Codify basic dialog mechanics: variety of options, well-written, detailed dialog.
  • Codify general mechanics: real choice and consequence, multiple ways to complete quests, including non-violent approaches.


  • Codify programming language: Python with additional C++ code if its time-critical.
  • Agree on first engine to evaluate: FIFE.

Project management


  • Agree on basic setting: post-apocalyptic nuclear winter.
  • Agree on theatre: Baltic Sea.
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