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This is a tentative agenda for the first developer meeting. Developers should add items to the agenda as necessary. The agenda items will be prioritized and finalized by Saturday evening (UTC), April 30 in preparation for the meeting on Sunday.

  1. Developer Meetings (15 minutes)
    1. Meeting dates and times
    2. How should developer meetings be structured?
    3. How should meeting goals be agreed upon?
  2. Administrative Access to Web Infrastructure (5 minutes)
    1. How should administrator access be distributed among the developers?
  3. Sprint Process (20 minutes)
    1. How should sprint goals be decided upon?
    2. How should task progress be reported?
    3. How should sprint teams be chosen?
  4. Assembla Hosting (20 minutes)
    1. New repository structure - subprojects
    2. New build system - SCons
    3. New workflow
    4. Assembla acounts
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