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Sprint meeting.png This article covers a twice-weekly Scrum meeting!

Twice-weekly Scrum meetings take place at our sprint IRC channel. They're utilized to report back progress and raise awareness for impediments that are slowing the team down. Sprint team members who can't attend the twice-weekly Scrum meetings have to hand in their progress and impediment report at the sprint boards of the forums instead.

This template can be used for all twice-weekly Scrum meetings.



Timeslot for the meeting:

  • Date: Tuesday, 2011/02/15 (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Time: 10PM, UTC±0

Meeting type

Twice-weekly Scrum meeting.

Meeting place

IRC channel where the meeting takes place. Usually #parpg-sprint.

Meeting goals

  • Report back progress
  • Raise awareness for impediments

Meeting guidelines

  • Strict 30 minutes timebox
  • No problem solving during the meeting
  • The chair moderates the meeting
  • Speakers use the <end> tag to indicate that they've given their report to speed up the meeting
  • Missing sprint developers give their progress and impediment report at the sprint boards of the forums

Meeting timeline

  • Start time: 10PM UTC
  • Roll call (5 minutes)
  • Progress & impediment reporting (25 minutes)
  • End time: 10:30PM UTC


  • Chair: barra
  • Scribe: no scribe; every department tracifies their tasks
  • Attending developers:
    • aspidites
    • Beliar
    • KB1PKL
    • Q_x
    • rowanas
    • Technomage
    • Developer3
  • Missing developers:
    • qubodup


Progress report



  • Technomage continued his work on implementing the character stats prototype and scripting engine; both seem pretty stable right now
  • In this regard: more programming related tasks have been tracified as they emerged
  • aspidites investigated alternatives to distutils for the standard build system user story; it seems that distutils is still our best bet to install PARPG on the different targeted platforms
  • The planned directory restructuring is blocking work on the build system; this thread needs more feedback before work on the directory restructuring can move forward:
  • aspidites prototyped a raw Python alternative for the XML-based character stats implementation; this might turn out to be useful in case we run into unforeseen problems with the XML-based approach
  • aspidites created a (pyqt-based) GUI frontend for KB1PKL's object definition XML generator:
  • KB1PKL will use aspidites work as basis and bring the object XML generator GUI into our SVN trunk(!)
  • git-svn has been researched by technomage but it turned out rather complicated to use with SVN branches; technomage will add his git-svn findings to the wiki, but he considers to rather give Mercurial a try and see how it performs with SVN branches
  • Beliar started to work on the character creation task and created a use case flowchart for it:
  • Beliar will move forward and start to write code based on that use case flowchart

Identified impediments

Parking lot

The parking lot is used for topics that can't be explored within the meeting due the meeting's time limit. These topics will be added to the parking lot. The sprint team will briefly discuss the parking lot items after the meeting has officially ended and volunteers for each parking lot item have to be identified to ensure that these tasks are actually tackled until the next meeting.

Meeting logs

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