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Sprint meeting.png This article covers a twice-weekly Scrum meeting!

Twice-weekly Scrum meetings take place at our sprint IRC channel. They're utilized to report back progress and raise awareness for impediments that are slowing the team down. Sprint team members who can't attend the twice-weekly Scrum meetings have to hand in their progress and impediment report at the sprint boards of the forums instead.

This template can be used for all twice-weekly Scrum meetings.



  • Date: Friday, 2011/02/11 (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Time: 22:00 (10PM), UTC±0

Meeting type

Twice-weekly Scrum meeting.

Meeting place


Meeting goals

  • Report back progress
  • Raise awareness for impediments

Meeting guidelines

  • Strict 30 minutes timebox
  • No problem solving during the meeting
  • The chair moderates the meeting
  • Speakers use the <end> tag to indicate that they've given their report to speed up the meeting
  • Missing sprint developers give their progress and impediment report at the sprint boards of the forums

Meeting timeline

  • Start time: 10PM UTC±0
  • Roll call (5 minutes)
  • Impediment & parking lot update (5 minutes)
  • Progress & impediment reports (45 minutes)
  • End time: 10:55PM UTC±0


  • Chair: barra
  • Scribe: each department tracifies their ticket changes
  • Attending developers:
    • aspidites
    • Beliar
    • KB1PKL
    • qubodup
    • q_x
    • Technomage
    • zenbitz
  • Missing developers:
    • rowanas


Progress report



  • Character mockups that have been commited into the sprint branch reside there as Gimp .xcf files; the devs of the graphics department have access to Gimp, so further processing is not a problem
  • Work on #303 & #304 has been finished; both tickets are now closed
  • Q_x will support qubodup & Technomage with getting the mockups into the game


  • Cost function for stats has been tweaked, but hasn't been tracified or wikified yet
  • It's not really clear yet where sprint documentation should primarily reside (Trac vs. Wiki); see parking lot for details


  • A character statistics implementation prototype has been finished; for details, see:
  • Work on an XML serialization system to serialize Python objects has been started; it's ~80% finished and seems to work fine
  • Beliar has decided to look into #305 and hopes that he can make progress in this field until the next meeting at Tuesday
  • Work on the config system has been started and documented at the wiki:
  • The new config system will also lay the ground to tackle the new build system feature, that is part of the sprint as well: #275
  • Additional research how packaging should work on win32 systems needs to be done; Technomage volunteered to help with testing as he has access to a win32 VM
  • Mac testing is not a priority as we don't have a Mac expert on the team right now
  • Directory restructuring should be tackled as part of the new build system process


  • Getting git-svn working with branches has eaten up a lot of time; it seems to work now though; Technomage will wikify a guide how to get git-svn working with SVN branches so the other programmers don't have to spend a lot of time researching it themselves
  • It's hard to keep the meeting within the agreed upon 30 minutes timebox; cut down discussion in future meetings and move it to the point after the meeting has "officially ended"

Parking lot

The parking lot is used for topics that can't be explored within the meeting due the meeting's time limit. These topics will be added to the parking lot. The sprint team will briefly discuss the parking lot items after the meeting has officially ended and volunteers for each parking lot item have to be identified to ensure that these tasks are actually tackled until the next meeting:

  • Where should sprint-related documentation reside? Trac? Wiki? Wiki & link to article at the Trac ticket?

Meeting logs

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