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Sprint meeting.png This article covers a sprint prioritization meeting!

Sprint prioritization meetings take place at our sprint IRC channel. They're utilized to prioritize the product backlog and to identify potential sprint goals.

Sprint meeting.png This article covers a sprint planning meeting!

Sprint planning meetings take place at our sprint IRC channel. They're utilized to break down the user stories identified in sprint prioritization into tasks the sprint team commits to during the sprint.

This is our first combined sprint prioritization & planning meeting.



  • Date: Friday, 2011/02/04 (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Time: 23:00, UTC±0

Meeting type

Sprint prioritization & planning meeting.

Meeting place

PARPG sprint IRC channel: #parpg-sprint

Meeting goals

  • Prioritize the product backlog with the help of the product owner
  • Identify potential sprint goals

Meeting guidelines

  • Strict 120 minutes timebox
  • The chair moderates the meeting & wikifies the results
  • The scribe tracifies broken down user stories & sprint tasks
  • Speakers use the <end> tag to indicate that they've given their feedback to speed up the meeting
  • Missing sprint developers check out the meeting report at the wiki

Meeting timeline

  • 23:00, UTC±0: meeting starts
  • Roll call (5 minutes)
  • Meeting rules and sprint communication guidelines are introduced. (5 minutes)
  • Sprint devs & interns sign up for the sprint. (5 minutes)
  • Sprint devs cast 3 votes on potential sprint goal. (10 minutes)
  • Votes are totalled and three top user stories are identified as potential sprint goals. (5 minutes)
  • Three top user stories are discussed in detail, in descending order, starting with the one that received the most votes. (30 minutes)
  • In case we couldn't agree upon one user story to tackle in the sprint, we'll vote on the top 3 stories, 1 vote per sprint dev. (5 minutes)
  • The user story with the most votes is identified (if voting was necessary) and will become our sprint goal. This sprint goal user story will be broken down into two smaller essential high priority user stories that the sprint team will primarily commit to during the sprint. Furthermore we can also identify up to three smaller optional lower priority user stories. These user stories will be tackled by the sprint team in case the essential user stories have been already tackled and there is still time left to commit to the these user stories. (25 minutes)
  • The identified essential and optional user stories are broken down into (department-specific) tasks that the sprint developers commit to during the sprint. The essential user stories are broken down into tasks first. In case there is still time left, the optional user stories will be broken down into tasks as well. The sprint developers are responsible for actually filling the sprint backlog by writing Trac tickets for the different tasks. (30 minutes)
  • 01:00, UTC±0: Official end of the meeting. Devs are reminded to fill out the TWS meeting doodle until Sunday: Parking lot items are briefly discussed and are assigned to volunteers who'll look into these tasks until the next sprint meeting.


Please add yourself here, following this format: nick, field of work

  • Chair: barra
  • Scribe: Technomage
  • Attending developers:
    • barra, sprint coordinator
    • Beliar, programmer
    • Kb1pkl, programmer/graphics-if-need-be
    • Q_x, graphics designer
    • Taldor, programmer
    • Technomage, programmer
    • zenbitz, game designer
  • Missing developers:
    • qubodup, UI designer
  • Sprint interns:
    • Rowanas, game designer, GUI designer, general busy-bodying.


Product backlog prioritization

Top 3 user stories after the votes have been cast:

Identified sprint goal

Primary sprint goal
Character customization based on stats and attributes. Associated tickets: #264, #268, #296
Secondary sprint goal
Standard build system. Associated tickets: #275


Link to the sprint backlog that contains the list of actual sprint tasks:

Parking lot

The parking lot is used for topics that can't be explored within the meeting due the meeting's time limit. These topics will be added to the parking lot. The sprint team will briefly discuss the parking lot items after the meeting has officially ended and volunteers for each parking lot item have to be identified to ensure that these tasks are actually tackled until the next meeting.

Parking lot items

  • Set up Trac & SVN account for KB1PKL

Meeting logs

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