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Meeting.png This article covers meeting-related information!

Project meetings are sessions held in the IRC channel of the project to coordinate the efforts and to agree upon important key decisions.

This article contains a list of topics for as well as the results of the developer meeting scheduled for mid September 2009.



Saturday, 19th of September, 6:30PM GMT. If you're unsure the time difference between the timezone you're residing in and GMT, check out this useful website:

A thread for feedback concerning a suited date has been created at the forums:

A doodle to find the best date for the meeting had been set up:

Type of meeting

Meeting of the entire development team

List of topics

The basic idea is to have a speaker for every subject who introduces the topic and also leads the discussion for this specific point.

Programming department

  • PARPG dialog engine

Graphics department

Writing department

  • Merging the different storyline proposals
    • Speaker:

Audio department

Game design department

Project management


The agreed upon decisions are listed here. This way it's easier for developers and community members who missed the meeting to get an idea of the general results. Wording of the results for a specific topic should be taken care of by the speaker who introduces the topic.

Programming department

Dialog engine

  • or1andov created a branch for the dialog engine code; he integrated the dialog engine into the game there
  • API documentation and comments are still missing; this needs to be addressed before merging it into trunk

Techdemo 1 requirements

The following code-related requirements have been identified for techdemo 1:

  • Simple inventory/object/looting model
  • Basic dialog engine supporting branched tree dialog
  • Getting the FIFE map editor working with our customized maps (editor currently mangles our maps due custom data used); saritor volunteered to look into the case
  • Optional: saving and loading (serializing/deserializing of the gamestate)

Writing department

Techdemo 1 quests

  • We won't need a fully fleshed out main storyline for the techdemo that is scheduled for the end of the year
  • We'll rather focus on bringing two small quests into the techdemo, so we can test the game framework
  • Quest #1: beer brewing / booze distilling:
  • Quest #2: fedex:
  • Both quests are meant to offer some alternative paths to resolve them as well as some consequences depending on the choices that you've made

Graphics department

Techdemo 1 requirements

  • Techdemo 1 requirements largely depend upon the way the two planned quests get fleshed out
  • As soon as we have the quests fleshed out in terms of ways to solve them, we'll compile a list of needed graphical assets for the graphics department
  • Actual quest dialog does NOT need to be fully fleshed out for identifying the needed assets for the techdemo
  • 4-5 different NPCs + 1 PC with a full set of animations (standing, walking, running, using, picking up) are meant to be featured in the techdemo

Game design department

User interface

  • No decision has been reached if techdemo 1 should rather feature a pure context menu approach for PC actions, just keybindings or a combination of both


Link to either the starting position of the logs or a complete separate IRC logfile uploaded at the wiki:

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