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Class design.png This article covers outdated class design information!

Class design articles are stored at the wiki for legacy reasons. Most of them are outdated and they will not be updated in the future. Class design should rather be embedded into actual Code proposals.

Base Classes

Name Description
GameObject Base class for all PARPG items. Introduces common attributes like name, id.
Openable Enables an object to be opened and closed.
Inventory Adds and inventory to an object. Consists of Containers.
Container Makes the object a container. Can store Carryable objects in itself.
Wearable Enables an object to be worn.
Weapon Makes the object a weapon.
Destructable Makes the object destructible.
Scriptable If there should be scripted actions for the object, derive from this.
Living Makes you object a living being.
CharStats Gives the object character stats.
Combatant Enables your object to participate in fights.
RightClickable This object possesses a context menu.

Composed Classes / Stereotypes

Name Description
Lockable (Openable) Enables an object to be locked, unlocked and picked.
ActorBase (MapItem, Living, Inventory, Scriptable, CharStats, Combatant) Class with basic properties that an actor (PC, NPC) possesses.
Blade (Weapon, Carryable) A blade weapon.

Concrete Objects

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