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Wip ui mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress UI mechanic.

Work in progress user interface mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted UI mechanics.

Information displayed and interactions possible in the inventory (sub-)screen.


  • Item grid, which displays item icons (example: one icon of .45 bullets represents all “.45 bullets” in the inventory)
    • Icon size is 64x64 pixels
    • Sorting (examples: weight, bulk, nutritious value, quantity) and filtering (examples: equipment, food, weapon, consumables, misc) status display
    • Icons contain text showing bulk and weight of item, as well of quantity if more than one
    • Not usable/equip-able due to lack of skills or being broken are marked (examples: desaturated, strike-through)
  • Quick view (near item grid?)
    • Compact summary with item name, condition and effects, useful for quickly comparing items
  • Total inventory bulk/weight (examples: color bars, numbers near item grid)
  • Item description (separate page?)
    • Name
    • Quantity/weight/bulk/condition(s)
    • Statistics (examples: nutritious value, )
    • Influence on character statistics/abilities
    • Description
  • Equipment paper doll (separate page?)
    • Worn item slots
    • Equipment-specific stats (examples: armor protection, damage, protection against cold) for easy overview


  • Item
    • Equip
    • Combine (prepare meals out of raw materials, patch clothes)
    • Use abilities on items (repair)
    • Drop on ground
    • Show information
  • Change item grid sorting/filtering
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