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Download.png This article covers setup instructions!

Setup articles explain how to download and intall a stable or unstable version of PARPG on a specific platform.

This article describes how to get the latest source from mercurial to develop or test parpg on Linux systems.


Install Prerequisites

  1. At least Python 2.6. This is probably installed already.
  2. You need to install PyYaml. (sudo easy_install pyyaml)
  3. Also bGrease:

Install Mercurial client

Check the package manager of you distribution. You will need a version >= 1.5

Mercurial extensions

You will need to install and/or activate the following mercurial extensions before cloning a repository:

Install Subversion Client

You also will need a subversion(SVN) client to be able to clone the repository containing the data files. If you don't have an SVN client installed yet check the package manager of you distribution.

Download and install FIFE trunk

PARPG uses the FIFEngine. You will need to get fife from svn with at least revision 3853. For instructions on how to install fife check this:

Clone the PARPG repository

To clone the repository follow these instructions:

  1. CD to the directory that you want to contain the parpg directory
  2. Type the following command:
    Hg clone
    A directory will automatically be created.
  3. Now you are ready to test/develop parpg.


You can run PARPG by calling inside the bin folder from the command line.

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