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Download.png This article covers setup instructions!

Setup articles explain how to download and intall a stable or unstable version of PARPG on a specific platform.

This article describes how to download and setup up the stable Techdemo 1 release on Windows systems.


Supported Windows versions

  • We offically support Windows XP (32bit), Window Vista (32 & 64bit) and Windows 7 (32 & 64bit)
  • Older Windows versions like Windows 98, Windows ME are not officially supported
  • Exotic Windows versions with low market penetration like Windows XP (64bit) or Windows Server 2008 are not officially supported either


You can download the PARPG Techdemo 1 Windows installer package here:

This is the new Win32 installer that features a fixed ActivePython download URL. In case you downloaded the win32 installer in the past and it failed to download and install ActivePython, please grab this updated installer!

Install process

  1. Start the installer and choose to download and install ActivePython 2.6 (32bit), PyYAML for Python 2.6 & OpenAL if you haven't installed them yet
  2. Install the FIFE package that ships with the PARPG win32 installer
  3. Install PARPG to a location of your choice (called <PARPG> from now on)

Python-related notes

This section is just relevant to users who are not using ActivePython 2.6 as recommended by us:

  • If you're using the standard CPython 2.6 distribution, add your Python directory to the Windows PATH. A video tutorial how to do that can be found here:
  • Make sure that you run a 32bit Python 2.6 distribution; our engine of choice FIFE doesn't support 64bit Python distributions on Windows systems at this point
  • Even install a 32bit Python distribution if you're running a 64bit Windows OS; this has been tested and works fine on all supported Windows versions


CD into the <PARPG> directory and run the Python script by doubleclicking on it. It should be automatically associated with the Python interpreter of your system in case you're using ActivePython. If you're using a different Python distribution you might need to manually associate Python scripts with the interpreter on your system.

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