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Download.png This article covers setup instructions!

Setup articles explain how to download and intall a stable or unstable version of PARPG on a specific platform.

This article describes how to download and setup up the stable Techdemo 1 release on Mac OS X systems.


Supported Mac OS X versions

Fixme.png Please help FIXME: Are the any specific Mac OS X versions that are too old to run FIFE/PARPG on them?

Install process

Option #1: Manual install

  1. Use mac ports and scons;
  2. Follow these instructions:;
  3. Do not use scons ext, just scons to build, use ports to install the libraries (same as linux);
  4. zenbitz confirms that rio_de_hola FIFE demo runs under OS X 10.6.5 using Xcode 3.2.5 and ONLY mac ports installed as the wiki link above details. Note that this is post guichan 0.82 on mac ports.
  5. Install the PyYAML library. Instructions for installing PyYAML in linux can be found on the PyYAML wiki. Just download the sources, extract them and run as root:
    sudo python install
  6. To test this(optional): enter the python shell (type python), then
    >>>import yaml
    . You should get no error messages. Type Cntr-D to exit the python shell
  7. I do NOT recommend installing the py-yaml mac port! It links to python24. It might be possible to get it to work with python26... but I couldn't.
  8. I had two issues with this installation, but they were trivial to fix:
    1. sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/python /opt/local/bin/python2
      - the scripts look for python2 but that's not how it's installed. If your python is not in /opt/local/bin (it will be if you used mac ports) then type 'which python' to find it.
    2. echo "fife_path = '../../fife/engine/python'" >
      or put the path where ever you installed FIFE.
  9. Go to the /parpg/game directory and install

Option #2: Via macports

Important: This install method is deprecated as only an outdated version of FIFE is available via Macports. If FIFE is installed via Macports, you won't be able to run the latest SVN trunk version of PARPG.

  1. Run
    sudo port install fife

Note: (only tested on 10.5.4) The only sticky bit is that it installs ALL the prereqs (including python26) into your ports directory (default /opt/local). It installs FIFE in the standard libraries for THIS installation. That means you have to make sure that the mac ports python 26 is your default python (or ideally, only python - but with mac good luck with that, I think I have 4 pythons) and your sys.path points to the correct place.

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