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Infrastructure.png This article covers project infrastructure information!

Project infrastructure is an umbrella term for all the (project management) tools that are needed to effectively run the project. This also includes the necessary hardware to utilize these tools. Administering the project infrastructure is a key task of the project management department.

The article covers all aspects that are related to the project's IRC channel.

You can join the IRC channel right now. Please read the channel rules before doing so.



  • Network: freenode
  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #parpg
  • Direct link (only works with some clients): irc://freenode/parpg

Purpose of the channel

  • Real time developer communication
  • Easiest way to stay in regular contact for the currently active developers
  • Community interaction


  • Be outspoken. There is no need to be shy. It's easy to overlook new channel guests who just join the channel but don't say a word. A simple "Hi, I'm <name>", often does wonders.
  • Don't ask to ask. Shoot right away.
  • Be patient. A popular misconception of IRC is that people will reply within 10 seconds to new people who have just joined the channel. If you're outspoken and a bit patient, you'll get the attention of one of the developers. Often rather within 10 minutes, not within 10 seconds though.
  • Opening hours. While the channel has no formal opening hours, there are times of the day when it's less likely that a developer is around in IRC and noticing you. In case you can't get anyone's attention even after waiting for quite some time (30 minutes is a good indicator), you should consider to simply post at our forums instead. We've got an subforum there, where newcomers can say hello :-)


  • Respect our communication guidelines.
  • Be polite.
  • Try to react not too emotionally.
  • Respect other people and their time.
  • Be explicit and comprehensive.
  • Violating channel rules can result in a kick, or a ban.
  • We despise racism. We can't tell if you're joking or not, so simply don't go there. Racism is a major offense on the channel and can earn you a channel ban right away.
  • Being drunk is no excuse. Don't destroy your reputation within the community by violating rules because you can't handle to have a drink and post in a civil manner at the same time.
  • In case you've been banned and you don't agree with it, you're welcome to explain yourself and your behavior using a personal message to the developer that banned you at the forums.

Browser-based IRC client

In case you don't have access to a standalone IRC client right now, you can join the #parpg channel inside the web browser by using this link:

Channel logs


Christoph_debian from Unknown Horizons kindly set up an IRC logging bot to avoid missing any important discussion that takes place on the channel. The logs are currently not password protected and can be found here:

UH-Guard log timestamps are UTC±0.


As UH-Guard had a few downtimes lately, we've decided to acquire a backup logging bot. This bot has been kindly set up and is hosted by OpenGameArt. The logs are currently not password protected and can be found here:

OpenGameArt log timestamps are UTC-7.

Caution: different timestamps

Be careful when switching between the two different logs. As the timestamps are different, this can lead to confusion. A conversation that took place on the channel at 2AM UTC±0 at the 2nd of February, will be saved under the 2nd of February log file for the UH-Guard logs. Due the time zone difference, this conversation will be stored in the 1st of February log file for the OpenGameArt logs.


It's often useful to share code snippets or log files on the channel.

Pastebins provide an easy way to exchange these kind of snippets without flooding the IRC channel.

Simply paste the URL of your pasted text into the channel instead of the text itself.

We prefer to use codepad as standard pastebin for PARPG:

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