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Submitted workflow.png This article covers a submitted workflow.

Sumbitted workflows are currently under consideration to be utilized by the development department(s).

This article lists all graphics-related aspects that we've upon yet.


  • PARPG will use only square-shaped grids.
  • Hex grids will be considered only in case we run into unresolvable engine or game mechanics problems with the square grids.


  • PARPG will use an isometric perspective as seen in most isometric games out there - A basic tile will have sides that go 2 pixels to the side, 1 pixel up. In Blender terms this means 45° z rotation, 60° x rotation for the camera.
Basic tile shape and perspective.
This is how big the average human will be.

Sprite Size

  • An average person of 1,80 m will appear around 80-82 pixels tall
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