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Download.png This article covers setup instructions!

Setup articles explain how to download and intall a stable or unstable version of PARPG on a specific platform.


This article describes all aspects of downloading latest stable PARPG release and how to get it running.

It furthermore explains how to get your hands on the latest source revision of PARPG.

What is the right package for me?

Community members who want to check out PARPG for the first time should download the latest snapshot release to get started.

You can always download the Mercurial version PARPG later in case you like what you see and want to test the latest bleeding edge changes. The stable releases are simply easier to set up on most supported platforms.

So if you're not very tech savvy, please test them first before trying to build from Mercurial right away.

Contributors and developers use the latest Mercurial revision to test bleeding edge changes and the ensure that all provided feedback is actually addressing the status quo of the game.

Snapshot releases

These downloads contain a recent snapshot of PARPG.


You will need a Python 2.7 installation and the following modules:

Windows Binary: (Created with PyInstaller)

Data files: (Last Updated: 17 November 2011)

These are needed for both the source and binaries. Just extract the contents to the same directory where you extracted the source or the binary to. Most times you don't need to download them again for newer releases, but check the last updated date.


In about 2011, PARPG switched to a mercurial repository hosted on Assembla.

The source can clone by using this command:

 hg clone

This does not include the data files which are still on a svn repository. They can be obtained by using the following command:

 svn co

This will download the data files. You will also have to change the DataPath setting inside the settings.xml file.

Detailed instructions can be found here:

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