Bulk, weight, speed and endurance thoughts

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Wip mechanic.png This article covers a work in progress game mechanic.

Work in progress mechanics get currently fleshed out and are not ready for review yet. Once they have been fleshed out in detail and are ready to be reviewed, they become submitted game mechanics.

Excerpt from 4. Jan 2011 discussion: Belt should have 7 slots. Pulk may work like like FO2 car

  • pathfinding will NOT be complicated in this case as the vehicle wouldn't be animated
  • with secret penalty to getting ambushed, of course...
  • and it can be stolen, otherwise, it acts just like big backpack
  • pulk slows you down
  • you could find an awesome husky ;-) husky ALSO guards your pulk
  • some extra effort by the player would be needed to either craft a pulk or aquire one otherwhise (can also be expanded further for a larger dogsled team + more dogs, or replaced with alchohol burning snowmobile!)

These rules are not yet written but maybe something like: Pulk (or other vehicle assist): Anything put on the pulk counts as 1/4th of encumbrance (so 30kg backpack = 120kg pulk), but x4 endurance burn for any speed above walking

Jogging (long distance running) = 2x Walking (walking speed is 4 km/h) Sprinting is about 30km/hr, so 6_x walking

you can walk (carrying <=5kg) essentially all day after 20 hrs you need sleep so if you have >5kg then you have some endurance burn which forces you under 20hr walking also, if you walk faster than 5km/hr then you have some endurance burn which forces you under 20hr "jogging". we have some points on that graph. Need a few more points, and assume some shape (default: linear), and we are done (except for "other factors" listed above) by our math... 4hr jogging is 40km. Yeah, I would say that's a good limit

but doable, even doable for a few days if you have enough food and sleep

the problem is that 2x speed with 6x load is a complex datapoint

we need: how long can you jog with 5kg?

how long can you walk with 30kg?

I guess you have 30-35kg above... but that's the same as jogging

although you do it in 1/2 the TIME jogging

sorry 30-35km... to make it simple it could be 40km too

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